Horoscopes October 3rd-9th 2021



21 March-20 April

Try not to let your irritation get the best of you. Think through your actions before performing them to avoid sticky situations. Take a deep breath to give strength to your mind. You can move past this. There are plenty of options for moving forward if you take a moment to look with a clear head.



21 April-21 May

Grit your teeth and get it done; there is no more time for wiggle room. It is now or never, and if it’s now, you can get to the other things you want to do. There will always be another thing to do, but it won’t always be this one, so take advantage of the opportunities of now.



22 May-21 June

Good luck will follow your new endeavors this week. Not beginner’s luck, but an accumulation of karma you’ve been building up. You’ve worked for this, and the path of things that seem to come out of nowhere can easily be followed back through hindsight. You’ve got this!



22 June-22 July

Stick with familiar patterns this week. You don’t need to become a creature of habit but following similar behaviors will create space for your mind to think of new things because it does not need to agonize over small decisions. What will you do for breakfast? The same thing you always do.



23 July-22 August

You’re coolest when you’re being yourself. Don’t act to please people, instead find the people who are attracted to you when you’re your own relaxed self. Acts can’t be held up for long and first impressions can be used to ward off people who you don’t want around anyway.



23 August-23 September

“You’ll catch more flies with honey” applies to you in more ways than one. First, the sweetness in your personality will take you far. Second, keep your kitchen clean—the bugs are out now. Vinegar and dish soap may be enough to catch the pesky things, but sticky counters and piles of trash will get them in the building.



24 September-23 October

It’s Libra season! That’s right—you share a zodiac sign with BTS’s Jimin. Happy birthday to you both! It’s time to chase your dreams and craft your life into the image you want. Steady progress is better than overnight success because then you know you’ll know how to handle it.



24 October-22 November

A mystery to many, your personality may come off as more complex than you believe it to be. But when people get to know you, they also come to understand you and your unique charms. What’s on the outside may not reflect exactly what’s on the inside, so communicate deliberately.



23 November-21 December

You may get into some trouble this week, but it’s how you handle it that will determine the long-term outcome. Consequences can be good or bad, but they will likely last for a while. Do not shirk from taking responsibility, and let your conscience guide the rest. What can you live with?



22 December-20 January

You’re a wildcard this week. Add some spice to the groups you interact with. Without you, it would be a very different experience. Your mood will influence the flow of conversation, so be aware of your own feelings and where you need to be for yourself at any given time.



21 January-19 February

Dance when there’s nobody watching. Or sing when somebody is. A gentle version of music therapy to get you through the week. It’s your own rhythm you should care about, and if you can feel it, then others will too. And they will either dance along or get out of your way.



20 February-20 March

Going with the flow can be a powerful thing for you. The more you embrace it, the easier it is to nudge in a better direction, rather than to control it directly. If it works, it works. If not, move on to something else or try a different approach. There is plenty out there for you.