The Decaturian

Editorial: We are Changing in Response to the Harm We Have Done

Athena Pajer

September 16, 2020

           There’s no way around it: the Decaturian caused serious harm when publishing a column recently titled, “Never Enough for Social Justice Warriors.” Campus was repulsed, and rightfully so. The Decaturian is...

Decaturian Editorial #2

Decaturian Editorial #2

September 2, 2020

Laying the Foundation

Laying the Foundation

August 24, 2020

Editorial: Foundational Lessons

February 26, 2020

A few members of the Decaturian staff attended the Illinois College Press Association Awards last weekend. We managed to enter the competition and win six awards: double from what we won last year.  We still need to make improvements so we bet...

Editorial: Week from Hell

February 11, 2020

Last week was political turmoil.   We saw a botched Iowa Caucus, a tensely partisan State of the Union address, and the Senate’s decision to acquit President Donald Trump, bringing an end to the impeachment trial--all ...



February 4, 2020

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