Decaturian Updates Publishing Format


Millikin University opened its doors in 1901, the Decaturian was founded shortly after in 1903. In the past century, Millikin and the Decaturian has seen two world wars, the Great Depression and Recession, financial woes of the University, the civil rights movement, and much more. 

As time has gone on, the Deacaturian has evolved and changed with the times. The Dec has reported on countless issues globally, locally, and Millikin-specific. 

As the last 120 years has passed by, technology has evolved. Newspapers across the globe have transitioned to an online format that allows publications to run more cost-efficiently, while also reaching a wider audience of readers. 

Starting this Spring, the Decaturian will transition to primarily digital formatting. We will continue publishing our papers in print once a month but will publish a digital newsletter weekly. 

The newsletter will be distributed directly to Millikin students via email. Additionally, the e-newsletter will be published on our website for any non-Millikin students to access. 

By updating our formatting, the Decaturian hopes to reach a broader audience while also expanding the opportunities students experience while working for the Decaturian.