21 March-20 April

Is your stress at a good level? If not, maybe it’s time to crank it up a notch, or drop it through the floor. What do you really need to be responsible for? Nothing much more than yourself will really matter in the long run, as that is the only thing you have to live with forever.


21 April-21 May

There is not enough time in a day for all you wish to accomplish. Keep a tolerance for that which you cannot stand forever, because they are guaranteed to not last that long. Unless it may cause actual damage, you can withstand it. Now it is necessary, later it may not be.


22 May-21 June

Beware of making promises you cannot keep. To yourself and to others. The ones you do make, be sure they are in service to something you actually believe in. Do not continue to do what you hate. There is time to alter your path or even leave it completely. They are often manmade.


22 June-22 July

People may weird you out, but they have their own reasons. And you yourself have no reason to believe that you do not weird out others as well. People may forget about you, but you will always return to their thoughts. You’re that kind of memorable.


23 July-22 August

Don’t back out unless it actually gets weird. Then run away screaming. But for now, this is good. And new. Run with it for a while instead away from it. It’ll make for a change and add to your life experience. You’re about to discover new things about yourself.


23 August-23 September

Believe in your abilities. You are more able than you think. You will achieve everything you need to, though your expectations lie in the realm of want. Those desires require you to make more time. Reevaluate what you really want, but first see what you need. Everything’s a factor.


24 September-23 October

Can you tell what’s bothering you in the back of your mind? It may have something to do with you or your actions. It could be as simple as that one thing you pass and never put away. Go deal with it now and it will bother you no more.


24 October-22 November

Now is not the time to sit quietly. Communication is the key, but preferably loudly. When others can hear you, it is easier to understand you. If they understand you, you’d best try to understand them as well. Then maybe a better arrangement can be made.


23 November-21 December

Does your brain ever feel warm? Think about that a bit. The sun has come back, so the weather of your heart may be changing as well. Do the clouds make your chest tight? Blow them away, when you have your breath back. It’s dangerous to carry the weather system in your body.


22 December-20 January

Just get over yourself and do it. It’ll happen eventually if you let it, but only then. Believe it or not, you do have some amount of power over the course of your life and it wants to be used. But even if only subconsciously, you can stop things from happening.


21 January-19 February

You’re doing good work so keep it up. Stay on top of things for as long as you can and be in the moment. Good things will continue to come of it. Take a walk in the park and locate some water. Bring a friend with you. The ducks enjoy your company.


20 February-20 March

There’s always hope if you hold it out long enough. Only three people can stop you from getting where you want to go. You can waste time trying to identify them or acknowledge that one of them is yourself and deal with that instead. Or at least first.