21 March-20 April

There are some things that no longer surprise you, but this week you may find yourself susceptible to shock over things you should have expected. Your mind may be slightly clouded, and this can result in being forgetful. Power through and try to experiment with different focusing techniques.



21 April-21 May

Don’t beat yourself up over something that is not your fault. You know this, but it is also best to not beat up the person whose fault you believe it is. They have made their choices, and it may be good to center yourself in a place where their actions no longer affect you. This will take time.



22 May-21 June

Your brain loves to filter out information, but don’t aid it in this process. Think critically about things you usually take for granted. There could be something important there. Willful ignorance is another thing entirely, but for the sake of your sanity, it may not always be a bad thing.



22 June-22 July

Now is a good time to think about what comes next. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of downtime when something ends, but that can turn into procrastination faster than you think. No need to kick yourself when busyness starts up again and you forgot to do anything productive.



23 July-22 August

Reconnect with someone you have not seen in awhile. Old friends can bring a different perspective to your new relationships and the new you. You have changed, but so have they, even if only in small ways. If you don’t want that relationship to die, take the initiative.



23 August-23 September

Wish Pisces a happy birthday! Getting older is not always an easy thing, but showing appreciation for human life can make it easier to deal with your own existential struggles. And maybe they’ll let you have some cake. Or you could buy them a cake. Then you will be guaranteed a piece.



24 September-23 October

Your mind is sharp enough to be decisive this week. Gray area may be present, but you know when to let things settle and when a firm hand is needed. Swift decisions can cut back on lots of unnecessarily wasted time. Be gentle with your friends, and don’t be afraid to put your foot down.



24 October-22 November

If life was a game, it would have clearer rules. Ask Libra to help you with any ethical decisions you may be grappling with. Capricorn may be well meaning, but their advice will likely have an adverse effect this week. Sorting things out yourself is also fine but will take more time and energy.



23 November-21 December

You may have reason to be cocky this week, but try to avoid it. Stay humble when your achievements are plainly on display already or others may scorn you for your bragging. You’ve done well, and others will still notice without you amplifying it, and you can be proud of yourself.



22 December-20 January

Your opinion may be clouded when you don’t have all the facts. Refrain from making comments on issues you do not fully understand. Be sure to gather all the information you can before making any judgements. Impulse decisions will be your enemy and may come back to bite you at a later time.



21 January-19 February

You can’t see the flowers, but they are there, waiting to make themselves visible. They will grow under the dirt first, taking root before you can see them. If you dig up the sprouts and expose them to the light, they may be hit by a cold flash and die. They will take their time, and then you’ll get to see them.



20 February-20 March

Doing everything you can do is enough. In fact, sometimes it may be overkill. Your best is not always ideal if your work will not be appreciated by those who demand it. Only present that which you can be proud of, but the bells and whistles may be unnecessary for a one-off.