Horoscopes – September 20-September 27, 2021

September 21, 2021


21 March-20 April

Maybe it’s time to start searching for new hobbies. There are so many activities out there and you’ve only tried a small portion of them. The next time you find yourself alone with some time on your hands, switch it up a little! You might discover something you really like.




21 April-21 May

So many exciting things are happening; it can be a lot to keep up with. But remembering those things are happening to help ease the stress of the negatives that pop up from time to time. You’ve got a lot going for you right now, so hold on and keep it up.




22 May-21 June

Life may be strange, but you’re making it work. Who’s to say what’s good and what isn’t when it pertains to your life? Do what you like and think is best. But also eat good food, unless you are allergic. It is best to keep up your health.




22 June-22 July

Be careful with your money this week. Unexpected expenses may be cropping up soon and you don’t want to forget where your money is or where it’s already promised. And be sooner to close your mouth than to put your money where your mouth is. It should be covered by a mask.




23 July-22 August

You’re on your way to doing exactly what you want. Examine your path, your journey, and your theoretical destination. See how far you’ve come? Then pause and look around at where you are. And it’s not too far to where you’re going. You can make it!




23 August-23 September

The grass is greener where you water it, so plant some seeds today, and get to watering this week. Be conscientious of the fact that plants are also able to drown if overwatered. Find the sweet spot between neglect and over-pruning. Oh, the things you’ll grow…




24 September-23 October

Don’t lose your mind over trivial things. There is much else you can give your attention to and plenty of small things that will demand it. They are not worth it in the long run—or likely even within the next few hours. So don’t sweat it and live your life.




24 October-22 November

Take the good with the bad. You will be receiving both in various proportions. Keep your energy levels up so you are prepared to deal with both, because you cannot have one without the other. It’s okay to duck out from time to time if you need to process.




23 November-21 December

It is time to take a chance. Like a game, if it pays off, it is your turn to roll again. If it does not, you may lose a turn. But that’s the game, so no hard feelings all around. There will be another chance later on either way. Be prepared for either outcome.




22 December-20 January

If you know what you’re doing, don’t worry. Everything you’ve prepared will go smoothly. Outside factors not within your control cannot and do not need to be accounted for outside of reason. On the other hand, if you don’t know what’s happening, consider figuring that out.




21 January-19 February

Some things are just weird and that’s fine. Don’t read too much into it—you might just find an answer you didn’t want or won’t understand. Continue to focus on what you need and let others be wacky and wild. Drink something green this week.




20 February-20 March

Be cautious who you open up to this week. There is some information that is best suited to stay with you. And you don’t want to spread rumors about others, even with the best of intentions. They will warp and you will be blamed. Best to stay quiet.

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