August 30, 2021


21 March-20 April

Practice living your life; you’re getting a lot better at it than you may think. Improvements or adjustments can always be made, and you will be fine-tuning processes for a long time to come. But you are living your life and that’s exciting! Great job, Aries.


21 April-21 May

Start the week making smarter decisions because worse choices will tempt you more as the week goes on. If you stay on top of things from the beginning, it will make everything easier and less overwhelming if you lose some control later. Stay strong and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet your self-imposed standards.


22 May-21 June

Prioritize what you need to do but know it’s okay to let some things slip through the cracks. Maybe even on purpose. Let yourself have a moment. It’s only the beginning now, so if you burn out this early you will have much more trouble getting back into things in the future.


22 June-22 July

Leaving old things behind can be hard but starting something new may be exciting enough to let go of old feelings. Chapters start and close all the time. Or, sometimes, people close books and start a completely new one. And if it’s a new genre, that could be even more exciting for you. Don’t be afraid to branch out.


23 July-22 August

Be aware of the things you tend to take personally and what you let slide by. Everyone is naturally offended by something that others are fine with and vice versa. Do not let your notions of what is and is not offensive cloud your judgement when it comes to other people’s sensitivities. There is usually a reason, and you may not know it.


23 August-23 September

Happy birthday, Virgo! It’s that time again. You may be thinking hard about the direction your life is going in, but also spend some time organizing what is around you. Your space, your mind, your schedule, and your relationships. Check on your friends if you’re feeling down. It is good to achieve a calm mind.


24 September-23 October

If you’re not exactly where you want to be right now, don’t panic. Progress is being made no matter how you look at it. But you may have to look to see it. Sitting with a vague feeling of regret is unproductive for your mind. More is coming. You are getting there. Don’t feel bad for being here.


24 October-22 November

You may feel a bit lonely, but there are people who care for you, and you never have to go looking far. Settle back in and eventually you will become more comfortable with your situation. You will find what you need when you need it. If you don’t, then ask.


23 November-21 December

Keep doing your thing. You may have been thrown off your rhythm, but you can definitely get it back, or adjust to something that’s more the new you’s style. There’s still a lot ahead for you, so keep at it. Every day there is less and less stopping you when you work for it.


22 December-20 January

Accept what is given to you this week. You do not know what you may need. If by the end of the week it is useless, then find it a new purpose. It may be that this thing is meant to be for someone else. That is fine. You were just the carrier for a little while.


21 January-19 February

You probably don’t know what you’re doing, but the people around you perceive that you do. You can tell them otherwise but know that their views mean that you have it together just a bit more than you believe. Because they definitely don’t know what’s going on. At least you have a clue.


20 February-20 March

There is much to accomplish this week. Stay grateful for what you have but know that there is so much more out there for you, ready to be taken. Visualize what you want and go for it. It won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done but you can absolutely do it.

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