Horoscopes – Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2000

September 2, 2020


21 March-20 April

The world seems to be burning all around you. If you’re screaming into the void, your response isn’t unwarranted. Ground yourself in the present moment when it helps, but if your mind needs to wander to better places, do not be afraid to comfort yourself. Try not to see too much red.


21 April-21 May

Deep contemplation will lead to many possible routes ahead but be careful not to get lost in your own head. There are many external openings into thought spirals, and most of them are not worth it. Some of them are just absolutely pointless, but some of them are a little more destructive.


22 May-21 June

You know something that no one else knows. You may derive some amusement from this for a moment and take pride in your extra bit of knowledge. Whether it needs to be shared with others is left up to you. You hold the power. Withholding information will not bring quicker results, but they may play out better.


22 June-22 July

You may be in a downward spiral right now, or the center of a storm. Everything around you is shifting quickly and it is a lot to keep up with. Don’t think too hard about it, as you will be swept up either way, and fighting the storm may not bring you any substantial results.


23 July-22 August

Remain skeptical—you’re probably right. Others’ optimism may seem silly to you, and their measures not enough. It is likely not enough. But do not mistake holding on to hope for foolishness. There is plenty of both out there and knowing that is the difference between being a realist and a cynic.


23 August-23 September

It may be gross, but you have to do it. It may seem unfair, and may be unnecessary, but you will grow from it. It will be over before your season ends. And the quicker you finish, the sooner it’s done. Have a glass of something cold and grit your teeth; then do it. Happy birthday, Virgo!


24 September-23 October

Worries fill your every day. Worries for others and worries for yourself. Do not sink into despair for it. They will not all come to pass, and you will get through the few that do. There are precautions you can take to avoid the bigger problems and then the others will seem small in comparison.


24 October-22 November

You know what’s going on; it’s easy to see. You may not know what’s going to happen, but theories abound. Observe others and their behaviors at this time, but judge for yourself what action will be most effective going forward. Treat yourself to an iced drink and think on it.


23 November-21 December

This week is not to your taste. You might find yourself questioning what brough it on, and those answers will likely amplify your disgust. Unfortunately, you cannot give this week back, though it would not be amiss to try. You are stuck with it now. Good luck!


22 December-20 January

Acting cheerful in the face of seriousness is a good strategy to use this coming week. Continue to call people out when they are in the wrong, but do not let their foolishness affect your mood. If someone is bringing the group down, let them know and stop the problem.


21 January-19 February

Now feels like a good time to cry. It is definitely not not a good time to cry. Hold on to those closest to you while the world spins on and reach out for help when you need it to steady yourself. The big picture is a little blurry at times, but eventually it will all come back into focus.


20 February-20 March

Sometimes it feels like there are two different versions of you, and that’s okay. How you see yourself and how the outside world sees you will never match up perfectly. And the outside world doesn’t necessarily look pleasant from where you’re standing, but existential dread isn’t enough to keep you down!

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