Decaturian Brings Home 13 ICPA Awards


The Decaturian brought home 13 awards Saturday, February 18th at the annual award ceremony held by the Illinois College Press Association. 

ICPA compares work from across the state of Illinois submitted by college newspapers. Submitted work must fall between specific deadlines. For the 2023 award ceremony, work must have been published in print or digitally between Dec. 1, 2021, and Nov. 30, 2022. 

Newspapers were capped at a 2 entry per category limit. The Decautrian’s 13 awards came from 11 different categories. 

Former Editor-In-Chief and Class of 2022 alumni Sydney Sinks brought home two first place awards with her Editorial, “The Role of a Journalist” and her in-depth reporting on sexual assault last Spring. 

Sinks also received a third place award for a featured photo she took in the University Commons of the Clothesline Project. 

The Clothesline Project display at Millikin.
The Clothesline Project display at Millikin. Photo by Sydney Sinks. (Sydney Sinks)

In total, Sinks received three awards this year. 

Sports Editor Caleb Burhle also brought home a first place award, with his Sports Column, “Taking Time to Root for a Family Friend”. 

Burhle also received a second place award for his Sports Column, “My Cousin The Major Leaguer: Following in Mark Buehrle’s Footsteps,”

Burhle’s  sports columns made the Decaturian’s allotted two entries secure both First and Second place. 

Burhle received an honorable mention for his multimedia column, “Taking Time to Root for a Family Friend.” Burhle received a total of three awards this year. 

Current Editor-In-Chief, Carin Houser, received a total of four awards. Houser had two second place awards. Her second place awards were received for her editorial, “Stepping Up,” and a Spot News photo from a car accident that happened near campus. 

The police moved the vehicles involved to Eldorado to restore traffic flow. (Carin Houser)

Editorials written by Houser and Sinks were the only editorials submitted by the Decaturian. Securing both first and second place for the Dec.

Houser also received a third place award for her layout design for the sports page of the printed version of the Decaturian. 

Additionally, Houser received an Honorable Mention for her redesign of the Decaturian’s website that launched in the Fall of 2022. 

Reporter Cristina Borunda received a third place award for her review of Taquiera LA Perlita. 

Former writer and Class of 2022 alumni, Lauryn Kenney received a third place award for her column, “Grief During Graduation”

Athlete and writer Miranda Fox received an honorable mention for her sports story, “Millikin Women Savor Underdog Role in Sweet Sixteen”.

The Decaturian’s awards are in the non-daily under 3,000 category.