Caucus Chaos in Iowa

Here’s the current news on Iowa.

The Iowa Caucuses ended Monday night in a mess. Coding issues with the app used to transfer results from Iowa precincts, not hacking, led to the mix-up. The winner is still unclear.
Precinct captains said the Democratic party never trained them on how to use it. There were then problems logging into the app. The Iowa Democratic Party is planning on unveiling the results of the caucus by 4 p.m. today.
Some results were up before the party reported technical difficulties. Authorities took the results down. Before that, the top three candidates were Sanders in first, Warren in second, and Buttigieg in third before that.
Joe Biden was in the lead as results flustered in, but Bernie Sanders took over. Biden had freefallen behind Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg. Biden and Klobuchar began competing for fourth place.
The Biden campaign had released a statement following the announcement of delayed results. The campaign questioned the legitimacy of the reporting system. The campaign also stated that he was on his way to New Hampshire to prepare for their primary. The other candidates also left Iowa. Many moved onto New Hampshire without results.
Buttigieg left Iowa optimistic of his chances of winning.
“By all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious,” Buttigieg said. He has not released any results on the election but the Sanders campaign had released their results from 40% Iowa precincts.
According to those results, Sanders was in the lead. He received almost 30% of state delegates followed behind Buttigieg. The data also indicated Warren had 18% of state delegates and Biden had about 15%. These are not official results and make up less than half of Iowa precinct results.
It is still unclear of much of the results will be released.