The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

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The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

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LASO Gives Millikin Students a Savory Treat

Carin Houser

This week the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) did a tremendous job in giving Millikin University a taste of their culture. 

A wonderful taste one might add, introducing the campus to a well-known Mexican Style Street Food called Elote. They sold this exquisite food for $4 a cup right in the University Commons and it was well worth it. There were many students and faculty that came by their table lined up to purchase a cup which was an amazing sight to see.  

Many people surely have heard of Elote and have even tried it, but there are many who for the first time were just hearing about this significant dish, making this event so important. A few members of LASO themselves were willing and able to answer questions that people had in regard to this dish, as far as what it was, where it comes from, and they even recommended how to fix it.

This is not the first time Millikin University has had an event consisting of cuisines from different cultures. The campus has been doing a good job in making sure that they incorporate an array of different cuisines to ensure that everyone feels recognized and celebrated. 

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As it pertains to LASO’s organization itself, this was the perfect time and opportunity to showcase who they are here on campus. That is exactly what students Oscar Almonte, a Senior Spanish Major serving as the Vice President of LASO, and Diana Hernandez, a Senior Nursing Major with a Minor in Psychology planned to do.  

From what one could see everyone that passed through enjoyed this food as well. There were some who got multiple cups and seemed really excited and engaged with what LASO was presenting to them. When you buy your cup, Almonte gives you some corn and you have the chance to put as much of the ingredients Hernandez stated before on it. After that, Almonte tops it off again with some more corn and you again are able to put more toppings on it.  

Almonte has made plans to go to graduate school in Fall 2024 to pursue a master’s degree in Spanish at the University of Wisconsin Madison. In addition, he plans to pursue a PHD in Spanish in the future. Hernandez said that Miamaya Parra is set to be LASO President next school year and both Oscar and Diana are sure that she will do a good job in that position. 

LASO’s main goal is to promote the culture here on campus. In Mexican Culture, they usually top the corn off with mayo, butter, chili powder, sour cream and a special Mexican cheese called Cotija Cheese. They also occasionally have lime to top it off with. She said that this event was to publicize a new cuisine and to raise funds for their organization.  

Hernandez appreciates this opportunity for an organization that she holds so close.

“It’s really cool,” she said. “There is a lack of Hispanic Population at Millikin, and I appreciate those that are here who always make sure to support them. Events like this one are what give our culture a voice.”

She didn’t hesitate to talk about Hispanic Heritage Month, which celebrates and commemorates Latinx communities.

“It is important to not keep it at one month but to feel supported throughout the whole year.” she said. 

Hernandez believes that Millikin has been doing a great job in providing this community space where they can celebrate their culture.

“This food is a fan favorite and a classic,” Almonte said.

Both of these students recalled their fascination and shock they experienced when at least 7 people came up to buy a cup just within the first few minutes of them opening their table. 

“Mexican Style Street Corn is one of those things people love and at times get 4 and 5 cups of.” Hernandez said. 

Although this corn is seen throughout the national media, there are still many who have never had the opportunity to try it.

“It’s in movies, in series, and people are just familiar with it,” Almonte said.

Another reason this food was such an amazing choice is because it isn’t something you can come by around here, especially with the cheese used, which makes it stand out. They chose Wednesday specifically to do this event because as many may know, Wednesdays are the busiest days on Millikin’s campus. There are many students, faculty, staff and even people in the public that pass through those days. On top of that, it was held during lunch hours. 

“We wanted to strategically market to the students and reach out to as many as we can,” Hernandez said.  

At the beginning of the year LASO usually takes that time out to showcase their events for the remainder of the year. They throw things like La Fiesta that they celebrate at the end of Hispanic Heritage Month that is open to everyone and is a way to draw them into the culture, similar to this event which gives them the chance to make those stopping by aware of who LASO is, what they’re about and even the opportunity to join if they’d like. Events like this one are said to raise money for the Latin American Student Organization but as well as to Network to those on Millikin Campus.  

All the food used to make this event possible was catered by Millikin Catering. They have worked with a few different organizations here on campus and try their best to accommodate each organization’s needs when and if they can.  

Overall, this was a wonderful event, the Mexican Style Street corn was tasty and LASO truly did a good job in showcasing who they are in giving Millikin a Savory piece of their culture. There are many events from LASO as well as other organizations that go on here at Millikin University, but many don’t know about it. If you missed this event, there are many to come in the future. I would encourage everyone to stay on the lookout for emails, flyers around campus and even the digital flyers in the UC lobby to stay updated on all the events to come.  

Also, another chance that you or a friend can experience or learn more about the different cultures is attending the Unity Festival on May 4th which includes about 5 different student- run organizations. It is free for all students and will have an array of different activities going on like, food vendors, pinatas, performances, bungee run and much more!

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