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The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

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Black Student Union Skate Night

BSU Board: Morwin Coney (Far left), Ashleigh Johnson (Middle left), Alela Kinyua (Middle right), Ameena Harris (Far right)

Black History Month was one to remember. The Black Student Union and Campus Life did a fantastic job putting memorable events together. The Black Student Union Skate Night event was simply icing on the cake.

The company responsible for the skate floor, skates, lights, and everything a skate rink would consist of, was Record a Hit Entertainment. They did a great job in transforming the banquet rooms to make you feel like you were actually at a skate rink. The roller skates lit up in many colors when skating. There were disco lights illuminating the room, loudspeakers, the whole nine yards. It was a 90s/2000s theme event, so there were a good number of students who came in that attire and showed off some nice outfits which made the event come together even more. 

There was a good range of music played; old skool and R&B, and even some new jams that had everyone on their toes. Such as, Rock my World (Michael Jackson), My Goodies, (Ciara). Along with, Square Biz (Tina Marie), Saturday Love (Alexander O’Neal and Charrelle) and Gimme That (Chris Brown). Also included were Juvenile, Elmiene, some Shai, and they couldn’t forget that all-time favorite Vaughan Mason & Crew Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll and much more. 

A few other students that weren’t a part of the BSU came out to celebrate this event which made it more exciting. Those students were welcomed and embraced by all who were there. Also, from what one could see, all the students that attended enjoyed themselves. Even those that sat off to the side watching the others skate, enjoyed themselves. Students were singing, dancing, laughing, talking and playing around. Many students admitted they hadn’t skated in a while, but that didn’t stop them from cutting one loose on that skate floor. A lot of students skated like they have never missed a day of it, while with others it took a few turns around the floor to get used to. 

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There were fast skaters, slow skaters and even walk skaters there but no one judged. There was so much movement going on, you had to be sure not to hit anyone and if you did no one got angry, they simply apologized and kept it moving. Many were able to do tricks, like skating backwards, lifting a leg, jumping, spinning in circles and more. People skated by themselves, in pairs and in groups. There were even a few that made a skate train. There were some students helping those who couldn’t’ get the hang of skating, which was very thoughtful. A couple of people fell once and some fell a couple of times, but they didn’t let those falls stop them. They laughed it off, got up and started back skating again. 

Even in between skating, the students were able to take pleasure in some walking tacos, in which everyone had their own bag of chips to put their taco meat, cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream to top it off with. In addition to this, punch was provided, and everyone could not help but keep going back for thirds, fourths, fifths, even six cups of. 

Overall, the Black Student Union Board; Alela Kinyua, Morwin Coney, Asheleigh Johnson, and Ameena Harris, aong with other helpers did a fantastic job putting this event together. Cameron Richardson took all the photos and videos. He did an incredible job in capturing these moments of the students and himself during this event. This Skate Night event was truly one that everyone will remember. An event where no one had to worry about schoolwork, professors, projects, and all the responsibilities that a college student has. Just one night for a couple of hours where those things didn’t exist. Even after the event was over, people spoke of how much fun it was. Not only a time to Celebrate Black History Month, but a time for people to come together, eat, laugh, play and enjoy each other’s presence. 

Hopefully in the future, BSU or even Millikin University themselves can host another Skate Night that everyone can indulged in, from beginning to end. Again, the Black Student Union did a wonderful job hosting this event and many including myself can’t wait to do it again. Though this was the last Black History Month event, it is not the end of Black History. Black Culture, Black Music, Black Art, and Black History is an everyday thing. A thing to be celebrated far beyond just the month of February and we will continue commemorate it each and every day. 

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