Don’t Stop the Pasta!


Photo by Kathryn Coffey

Kathryn Coffey

Meandering around the crossroads between Main St. and Fairview Ave., a few people may have heard enthusiastic cries like “I want pasta!” coming from the Alumni House over the weekend. When you approached them with a ticket in hand, they kindly let you in for an afternoon filled with food and fun.   

On November 16, 2019, from 11AM to 2PM, the men of Delta Sigma Phi held their annual Don’t Stop the Pasta event at the Alumni House.

There were five tables lined up close to each other covered in green tablecloths. At the very back of the room, there were two trays of regular pasta and one that was gluten-free. They had three sauces: marinara, meat, and alfredo. There was even some parmesan cheese next to the alfredo, just in case people wanted extra cheese with their cheese.

Guests can choose between Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, and water to drink with their pasta.  

The chairs came from a nearby closet near the pasta bar. As a few more people filed in, a few Better Men opened that closet to bring out more chairs, to make sure there was room for everyone. Though the chairs next to the tables may have been a little too close to each other, it wasn’t as important as how many helpings each guest could have in one afternoon.

A few brothers rushed by the pasta bar with mugs of water for under the pasta trays to keep the goods fresh.     

Ask any Better Man of Delta Sigma Phi, and they’ll tell you the same thing: “The pasta stops for nobody!”

However, there was a brief moment where they ran low on pasta and needed to bring more in. Thankfully, Austin Shaw delivered and brought more aluminum trays filled with pasta ready to be served. Everyone there cheered and applauded at his service.   

“The pasta never stops,” Ian Davison said. “It only goes on intermission.”

Sources debate on where the pasta actually comes from. Some say there’s a secret garden, and the pasta was just pickings that the Lorax himself gave them.

Others say the pasta came from the loving labor of James Millikin, whose work on making pasta all day is the only thing keeping him alive. 

For all anyone knows, it could come from a senior’s house just five minutes away from the Alumni House.

Nevertheless, there was more than enough to go around. Some people even brought Tupperware containers to take home some leftovers. Some guests helped themselves to seconds and even thirds.

People kept streaming in the house to help themselves to the never-ending pasta. Even a few alumni, such as Ike Brown, made an appearance to enjoy some good food and spend time with great friends.  

All afternoon, the Alumni House was buzzing with groovy hit songs humming in the background and Millikin students from all over enjoying each other’s company.      

All proceeds from the event went to the American Red Cross. There were a few booklets placed on every table for guests to peruse.  

As for their next philanthropy event, Delta Sig has thrown a couple of ideas around for next semester, the most prominent of which is Better Man-icures. A Delta Sig brother would try to give people good manicures for five dollars. All proceeds would go to either Growing Strong and/or the Dove Shelter.

Stay tuned, Millikin, and be on the lookout for the Better Men of Delta Sigma Phi.