Extraordinary Talent

Leah Wier


As far back as she could remember, sophomore Music Education and Piano Performance major Leah Wier had always wanted to play the piano. Coming from a musical family, she had listened to her older siblings play, and she immediately wanted in. She convinced her mother to have her take lessons, and from then on, she never even thought about stopping.

That aspiration to keep up her dedication led her to Millikin. For one, the school offered her a lot of money, but it also offered her a special opportunity to learn from the best. She started taking lessons from Dr. Negrutiu, and from the first lesson, something clicked really well together.

Her love of the piano has made her a very dedicated human being. She understands it takes a lot of love and commitment to keep up the passion. And thus, she would understand if the time it takes to be a proficient player would be too much–she tries to practice two to four hours every day or for most of the week. However, she has the love, and that has lead to having satisfaction.

“When I realized I wanted this [playing], it helped my brain to become trained to being dedicated and using my time wisely.” Wier said.

Her talents have been known throughout the school of music. Almost every professor in that field knows that she can play. In fact, so far in her career she has played piano for both Millikin Women and Collegiate Chorale for concerts and rehearsals. She is also being asked to play for the Hollis Prize as well as for Millikin’s upcoming performance of Phantom of the Opera.  

In terms of how easy she could learn new pieces, she said it would take about a month to a year if the pieces are very difficult. She likes to take a couple of hours out of the day to go over a piece. It could take a week or about a month at the very least for her to be confident in what she was playing.

“It’s fun to overcome challenges and learn new music,” Wier said. “Music is just a good way to express yourself.”  

And she expresses herself in music not only for her own sake but also for one being she cares for a great deal: God. She has been a devoted follower of Christ for many years, and her faith has remained unshakable. Besides being in a musical household, Wier’s family is a Christian one. Since she was homeschooled, she was forming a close relationship with God.

Wier still gives her service to God through serving in Millikin’s InterVarsity chapter. Whether it’s helping out on the worship team or getting the word out there about IV events, it’s clear she’s committed to serve. She is the kind of person that can view life as a form of worship. Since she lives a hard-working and diligent lifestyle.    

Sure, there were times where she questioned her faith, but all her questions were answered with facts that she considered to be very valid. With that in mind, she would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding faith. All she asks is that opinions are respected, and that no one should be judged for whatever opinion they may have on the matter.

“I’m not trying to force my beliefs on you in any way,” Wier said. “I’ve seen what I consider proof, and I’d be happy to share that with you.”  

She considers her talent to come from God, and she is very grateful to her parents for providing that kind of education. Her love of God and the piano are clearly undeniable, and it’s dedication such as that which could make a person extraordinary indeed.