Kindness is a Relative Concept

Jason Messina

Most people can go to hell. Yep, you read that last sentence correctly. I mean it. I’m not going to sugar coat all of the B.S. that we normally spoon feed to each other. I am my own person. You are your own people, and at most points, we don’t give a care about each other.

We smile nicely at each other when we pass. We help each other out whenever we can. And all of these types of things happen because human beings generally want to care about each other.

That is at least what I used to believe, but after every year on this earth, it becomes easier and easier to realize that everybody is only in it for themselves. Ernest Becker is a philosophist that believes we all may start pure, but the evil is natural and neutral and constantly infects us and changes us from the second we are born.


Let me paint a pretty example. I live with three amazing guys. I won’t deny that all of my roommates are great. They are so great that people will often come to visit our apartment to see them. It’s great. But not as great when the people they are looking for aren’t there, and they see me instead. It’s always fun to see them try to pretend that they care about me or what I’m up to. I generally enjoy watching them try to act like they care about me.

However, after years of becoming more “evil” and just, in general, more callous, I don’t need the whole charade. I kindly tell them that I know they didn’t come to see me. They then launch into this song and dance of telling me they did come over to see me.

And that’s when things stop being fun, that’s when I wipe away the smiling mask I wear.

Who does that help? How does lying to me do anything to make me feel better? I’m not an idiot. I know you don’t like me. So there must be only one explanation; they are doing it just to make themselves feel better.

Everyone does things for themselves only. We like to think we care about others, but in the end, we don’t, we just use other people to push our own lives forward. It’s impossible to get through life without humans so we get on other good sides and use them whenever we can.

People are just resources, so we put on fake smiles and act like we care about each other. But the second someone makes a move that hurts us we snap. We don’t care if they are on our good sides anymore and we shun them ignoring how many other good things we have done for each other.

Maybe you’re having a hard time believing the things I’m saying, maybe this all sounds just a little too cynical, and you are probably thinking I’m just jaded. And yes I am very jaded, but just do yourself a favor keep an eye on other humans and then tell me what you think about Human nature.