Paper Boats vs. Chocolate in Your Pocket

What I Love About Paper Boats

By Kathryn Coffey

If there’s something you should know, I always have a good time at a Paper Boats show. They’re super chill and groovy, and I love these guys to pieces!   

Homegrown in Millikin since 2017, the Paper Boats feature Mirabelle Skipworth, Isaac Wieser, and Blake Aaron Martin coming together to create beautiful sounds. Each member has a unique blend that adds to the group’s charm. Skipworth writes a majority of the songs, Martin is the multi-instrumental genius, and Wieser is the resident jangle man providing the heartbeat percussion.    

Some of my favorite songs from the band include (but are not limited to) “Breath (For Her),” “Where Did You Go?”, “Little Ant,” “Corner Store,” “Pocketbook,” “Beautiful Disguise,” “Long Walk,” and “Questioning When.” Which is to say, pretty much every single song they make is my favorite one.

Growing up, I listened to a lot of classic rock and folk music, which is the style the Paper Boats seem to be going for. It makes me feel nostalgic and more of an old soul than I already am. Hearing the songs make me feel calm and at ease like I’m walking through a forest on a misty day.      

For me, one of the best parts about this group is that they still sell CDs. Sure, it would be more practical to have their music on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, but, as I mentioned before, I’m an old soul, so I like hearing CDs in my car.

But making money isn’t what the band is going for. They just want to perform for people and have as much fun as possible while doing it.

Chocolate in Your Pocket may have rocking beats, but I’ll always take the Paper Boats over them any day. As much as I like CIYP, at times I can’t understand what they’re singing. With the Paper Boats, the words are crystal clear, and because I can understand them, the songs are just as easy to relate to, if not more so.     

Whenever I see these guys after a show, being around them makes me forget how anxious I can get around people. They’re so down-to-earth, and it’s a word that describes this band perfectly. They’re living their dream of being a band, and that’s something I’ll always appreciate about them.         


Why We Should All Love CIYP

By Athena Pajer

Once in a while, heart-warming meets heart-stealing. This is what happened when the universe tossed Chocolate in Your Pocket into the blend. They have the talent, style, and story – the “Ethos, Logos, and Pathos” of music – born to resonate with the Millikin audience.

For nearly a year, CIYP has been a juggernaut, dominating Millikin entertainment and building a die-hard Millikin fan base. One of the “Biggest Blue” aspects of CIYP is that all four band members are Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers. This isn’t too surprising if you’ve ever met an SAE. Most have a distinct aura: a charming mix of frat-boy and aspiring artist.

As it turns out, this is exactly what CIYP band members are, and it shows in their onstage dynamic. The four mix their combined talents in a friendly, fun, and engaging way. While drummer Trace Davidson and bassist Hunter Sphar sustain a chill presence – occasionally breaking out with mind-blowing solos – lead guitarist Cole Burdick and Alex Erickson define the melodies.

Their sound is distinctly Indie-pop, reminiscent of early Maroon 5. They have sweet-sounding songs like “Blinding Light” and “Sometime” that make you want to go for a summer drive with the windows down.

Of course, that is one side of CIYP. If you go to any of their shows, you’ll also hear “Cherry Bomb,” one of my favorite original songs to hear live, and “Over/Under.”

“Over/Under” is always a crowd favorite and a happy memory for dozens of their most devout fans (myself included).

Whenever I hear “Over/Under,” I think of when they shot their music video for that song, of all places, in the University Center Leadership Lounge. Yes. An entire music video. You can watch it at or if you type “Millikin Mist Chocolate in Your Pocket” into the Google search bar.

This was just one of the many times a CIYP show showed the campus a fun time on a weeknight. They have been a regular occurrence all over campus.

The best thing about CIYP? They turn the space into the key scene. Whether they are chilling, jamming easy in the Millitrax Studio in PMC or taking the stage at Donnie’s or Duolos’, they manage to turn any space into the spotlight. You never want to miss out when CIYP is playing, even if you’ve heard their songs dozens of times.

If you’re dancing, singing along, or just vibing to lead singer Alex Erikson’s vocals, you’re part of the party.