New Sports Programs at WJMU


Ever had a burning desire to listen to sports on the radio?

WJMU, Millikin’s student radio station, is an alternative music station, but that does not mean that sports do not play a large role in the programming.

On a radio dial, it is 89.5, and its nickname is The Quad.

During the fall, the Big Blue football games are normally broadcasted. Due to the station’s headquarters being moved from Richards Treat University Center to the third floor of the University Commons, the staff was only able to do updates on air.

If all goes well, the Millikin baseball games will be broadcasted as well. But, as of last week, there are a few more doses of sports knowledge being added to the station. A few Millikin Communication students have started their own radio sports shows.

The first takes place on Mondays from 7-9pm, and it is hosted by senior Trevor Hooth, otherwise known as Hooth in the Booth. The namesake of his show is reminiscent of Abbott and Costello’s famous comedy sketch, “Who’s on First?”

Hooth’s on First is co-hosted by Morgan Vogels. They talk about all sorts of different aspects of the sports world, primarily baseball due to the name of the show.

“Growing up in a radio household, I always wanted to be able to host my own show,” Hooth said. “Being able to do something with my namesake and talk about something that I love is one of the best opportunities I have had while at Millikin.”

The Performance Learning aspect of a Millikin education is prominent in these opportunities. For students of other disciplines, they sometimes have to venture off campus to gain real life job experience. But for Communication students, the hands on experience is close by.

Students learn how to run common radio production softwares and do board operations, plus, they are able to pick a subject they are passionate about to shape their own radio program.

“Coming into college I was one hundred percent certain I wanted to be a play-by-play announcer,” Hooth said. “I had no experience, but by my second year in the radio program, I was sitting in the press box at Millikin football games getting to live out my dream.”

Dominique Smith and Cody Coffman have the second sports show of the week entitled Out of Bounds, and it takes place Friday afternoons from 11-1.

They talk about the biggest headlines in sports and give their opinions. As their episodes move forward, they plan on implementing segments that focus on the top sports headlines, the recap of events, predicting scores for big games, and then a wrap up of the show.

“Girls and sports get a bad rap,” Smith said. “I like being able to spend two hours talking about my favorite thing and to showcase my sports knowledge.”

Smith and Coffman are restarting the show as a continuation of one they began last year. Also continuing on are their DJ names, DJ Dynamite for Smith and C-4 for Cody.

“People are always surprised when I talk about sports and actually have an understanding,” Smith said. “It is nice to prove that girls know sports just as well as the guys.”

With both shows, the male and female juxtaposition makes for an interesting dynamic.

Plus, by listening to the radio station, you can show support for Millikin academics, kind of like how attending a sporting event or concert or a play put on by Millikin students would be supporting Millikin’s student body.

“I like that WJMU gives me the opportunity to gain experience talking about sports on the radio,” Hooth said. “Also, working behind the scenes as the Sports Production Director has allowed me to see what working in a radio station is like.”