Yearbook Quotes Predicts Cubs Win

If you don’t believe in psychics, it’s time to start believing.

In a Facebook post that went viral on October 25, there was a picture of a yearbook quote predicting the Cubs would win the World Series in 2016.

“Chicago Cubs. 2016. World Champions. You heard it here first,” read the quote by Mike Lee, a die-hard Cubs fan that attended Mission Viejo High School in California. He graduated in 1993.

In their first World Series appearance since 1945, the Cubs are looking to complete their Cinderella run and claim the World Championship over the Cleveland Indians. The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. The Indians, 1948. But, the last time the Indians played in the Series was 1997.

In a CBS News article, the man who posted the viral photo, Marcos Meza, said he sent Lee a picture of the photo in 2009, and Lee thanked Meza for reminding him, as he had thrown his yearbook out. Meza, a Dodgers fan, was upset that the Cubs beat his beloved team, but he is rooting for the Cubbies in hopes that his friend’s prediction comes true. Of course, Cubs fans all over the globe hope that Lee is right as well.

Meza told CBS News, “I think if this happens, Mike will never buy a beer again in Chicago.”

For either team, a win would mean completing a Cinderella Story. Cleveland is known for being home to awful sports teams. The Cavs were bad, until Lebron James’ return, of course, and with their NBA championship run last year and the Indians in the World Series this year, it seems that the people of Cleveland may finally be home to teams that are somewhat good.

Except for the Browns, who could quite possibly still be the worst team in the NFL. Chicago has always had the Blackhawks, and the Bears have seen some good seasons, but this year, they may be competing with the Browns for second-to-last place.

On Millikin’s campus, it seems that there is a divide between the Cubs and the Indians, with the main Indians supporters being Cardinals fans, and all of the Cubs fans either die-hards who have stuck with their team through thick and thin or the bandwagoners who claim to always have been Cubs fans.

For those die-hard Cubs fans on campus that have waited all their lives for the Cubs to win the World Series, this week will be extremely stressful. Just ask Dr. Scott Lambert, he doesn’t get emotional very often, (he said he didn’t even cry at his wedding) but tears welled up in his eyes when the Cubs defeated the Dodgers for the National League Championship. He also told his students that if the Cubs lose, they are to wear black for the rest of the semester in mourning.

Whether the Cubs win or lose, there will always be other years. But no year would be quite as special as 2016, if you’re Mike Lee.