Millikin Purchases New Home for President

Emily Chudzik, News Editor

Millikin University’ has recently purchased a new, but familiar, house for the president. It was previously owned by Millikin and used by the eleventh and twelfth presidents until 2003, when it was sold. No. 4 Millikin Place was completed by Marion Mahony, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s located in West End, near the James Millikin Homestead.

Purchasing a new house for the president has been high up on the to-do list for quite some time. The facilities committee agreed they did not want to spend a great deal of money building a new house; luckily, No. 4 Millikin Place became available on the market.

“I wanted to have a big space for entertaining students and faculty, and I wanted it close to campus,” President Patrick White said. “[Huss House] is not quite large enough. [No. 4 Millikin Place] provides a place for having people over formally. It has big open spaces on the first floor and a spacious living room. We can fit dozens of people inside and it will work great.”

White would like to host parties so that guests can get to know each other better and have quality conversations with one another. He said they would range from having the Student Senate over for punch and cookies to a faculty Christmas party. He’s also thinking about integrating some ideas from his previous place of employment, such as a gathering on the front lawn in the fall or spring and an ice cream reception for all students before graduation.

“Fifty percent of university presidents have a house. It is important in attracting a [new] president, as well as welcoming people and entertaining them,” White said. “We wanted a house that would best suit the university for many years to come.”

White believes that the president’s house can make or break a visitor’s impression.

“It’s a different feeling to have gatherings at a house. There are a few places to host on campus, but it is just not the same,” White said.

Essentially, it is important for the house to be inviting, as well as impressive.

Huss House is not being sold, but rather returning to what it was previously used for: a guest house. Guest artists for shows at Kirkland or guest speakers would typically stay there before it became the president’s house.