Netflix Review: Chelsea Handler’s “Uganda Be Kidding Me”


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Chelsea Handler and her crazy, seemingly fearless, antics. I mean, this woman’s television show was basically her just talking to the stars while she was drunk. I was expecting nothing less than a few mishaps, partial nakedness and terrible jokes from her comedy show based upon her trip to Africa and a few other adventures. The show definitely met my expectations.

Handler started out the show talking about her vacation to Africa and her new book. I honestly didn’t know she had written a book and was thoroughly surprised, I decided that if she can write a book and get people to actually buy it, then I should publish that book I wrote in the seventh grade. Kidding, her book is probably a little bit better than whatever stuff 13-year-old me came up with.

Handler graces the audience with nudity (a naked old man), profanity and everything else that you’d expect from her. She’s sarcastic, rude and mildly offensive. Which makes everything a whole lot funnier. Every time I watch her I pray that this woman is kidding, that she doesn’t actually do the things she says she does. But, judging by her Instagram pictures, she probably does. Handler even mentioned that she’s probably too old to be doing the things she does. Which I kind of agree, but honestly, if she stopped, who else’s bad choices would I laugh at? My own?

Handler talks about her run-ins with alcohol, drugs and wild animals. She does all of this while showing pictures on a big screen that go alone with what she’s saying. She talks about how her agent thinks that she can’t be trusted to do anything by herself and how embarrassing it was to open her bag next to a cute guy on a plane and having a bunch of meds fall out. Meds that are in questionable bottles and labeled very carefully. As if she would mix them up if they were actually in their original bottles. After talking about this Handler then proceeded to show the audience a picture of her naked with a few pills surrounding her. I have a pretty good guess as to why her agent would pack her medications like that.

My absolute favorite part involved some explosive diarrhea and a poor old man who had to witness the wonderful power of Chelsea Handler’s bowels. Basically Handler was on a beach in Hawaii in her bikini really early in the morning and her body decided that she was having way too much fun. Her bowels let the muddy waters flow and it got everywhere, it was probably just as bad as you think it was, and the story was amazing. About the only part of the show I actually laughed at.

Chelsea Handler should’ve probably taken a break from (or stopped) her antics a very long time ago. Does she remember that mess that was the VMAs when she hosted it? Her show was just her drinking and hanging out with people who were more famous than she was. She needs just take a small chill pill. But by all needs, Chelsea, if you feel the need to continue posting all of those pictures online, then please do so. Everyone needs a good laugh in their lives and Handler seems more than willing to possibly ruin hers so that others can laugh for a few minutes. So kudos to you Chelsea Handler, but if you don’t slow down soon you may not have the chance to do so.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy laugh at someone else’s stupidity then this is the comedy show for you.