Netflix Review: Contracted


Are you looking for yet another new take on the popular movie zombie? Look no further than horror thriller “Contracted.”

Samantha is a young woman who falls victim to a sexual predator one night when she’s drugged at a party and raped. Samantha wakes the next morning in her bed at her mother’s house with almost no memory of the previous night, with nothing on her mind but spending time with her recently ex-girlfriend.

She shows symptoms that are much worse than your average hangover, brushing it off and going to work. Later that day Samantha’s friend tells her that the police are looking for the man who raped her. Why? Well guess where he got the STD from. A rotting body. Thank you movie writers for making me never want to touch another person again.

Samantha continues on with her life until a few days later she notices some slight irritation in her lady parts. She makes a trip to the doctor who then diagnoses her with an STD. He does not tell her which STD, honestly he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing and continues to say things along the line of “well, if you had sex with a man then you must not be gay.” Which earned the TV screen a whole lot of pointed glares. The clueless doctor sends her home with a few questionable pills and a “good luck.”

Over the span of a week or so, Samantha’s condition worsens. Her skin begins to turn gray, blood starts to seep from random places, her hair starts to fall out, etc. She basically begins to rot. I definitely wouldn’t want whatever she has.

As her condition worsens, Samantha tries to ignore what’s obviously happening to her. This woman continues to try to work, and ends up leaving her fingernails in someone’s food. Disgusting. Honestly viewers will probably forever yell at the screen because of her blatant ignorance.

Through a chain of events that I won’t reveal, Samantha ends up in her ex’s apartment. They get into a fight that ends with Samantha choking her to death, which no one expected. Obviously their viewers would think that there wouldn’t be any killing in a zombie movie. After killing her ex, Samantha kills her friend who may or may not have a crush on her and hides her in her bathtub. She then calls a guy over to “Netflix and chill” (my fellow students, I’m sure you can figure out what that means).

This does not go over well. One word: maggots. I’ll let you think of that anyway you like, chances are you’re probably correct. So basically this movie is about a girl who gets raped and because of it she turns into a zombie. She gets punished for being the victim, which isn’t cool. But if you’re into grossing out your friends (or yourself) then I recommend this movie to you. I promise that it’s super disgusting and only slightly offensive.