Netflix review: Lost Girl


Succubus: a supernatural being (usually visually pleasing) who feeds off of the sexual energy of others, murdering their victims in the process. That’s right, this thing literally lives off of sex. In the Canadian TV show Lost Girl viewers are introduced to Bo (Anna Silk), a succubus who doesn’t actually know she’s a succubus. In the pilot after saving a human and murdering someone in the process, Bo is thrust into the world of the Fae, a group a supernatural creatures that feed off of humans.

With the help of her new found human best friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Bo must fight to protect her freedom and work to discover who she really is. Bo is forced to choose between the “light Fae” and the “dark Fae” who are considered slightly evil. Except Bo doesn’t choose, she defies the leaders of both sides with her strength and cunning and comes out as the only neutral Fae in history. Which means she can do whatever she wants (as long as she doesn’t alert the humans about the Fae). She starts an investigative business with Kenzi and works for both sides, judging her actions towards them carefully. They could both kill her without blinking if they decide she is too much trouble.

From werewolves to sirens to beings that eat the flesh of the dead, Lost Girl is filled to the brim with interesting (and kind of disgusting) supernatural creatures. Throughout the series Bo and Kenzi must search for answers to the questions about not only Bo’s past but her future as well. Is there light shining on the horizon, or is there something lurking in the shadows? As the series progresses the action gets bolder, the plot twists more confusing, (seriously if you love plot twists then this series is for you) and Bo’s love life more complicated. But don’t worry, for all those bleak and dark moments, you’ll have Kenzi as a comedic relief.

Don’t worry my fellow students, Lost Girl has, you guessed it, representation. Bo’s bisexual, which makes sense considering she feeds off the sexual energy of others. It’d be pretty impractical if she was only attracted to one gender. What if that specific gender wasn’t in the area for some reason? Or everyone of that gender in the area was not attracted to her. That just wouldn’t work out well. There is also one lesbian and a married gay couple that you will fall in love with and then regret falling in love with them because screenwriters just want to make viewers cry. Also there is strong female representation (Bo is a strong independent woman or don’t need no man) and minority representation as well.

I suggest this series to anyone who is into anything supernatural, people looking for characters to fall in love with, or a chance to throw things at their TV screens. Also be sure to look for Ksenia Solo in season three of the popular television series Orphan Black.