Halloween Costumes

As we move into October, it is likely that the realization is beginning to hit: Halloween is just around the corner.

To those who have been planning this year’s costume since November 1 of last year, we congratulate you. For others who have been lost in the swirling tornado of papers, tests, assignments, readings, meetings, and other college duties only to realize that you have no money or time to spare on a costume, read on!

Rather than pulling the annual jack-o-lantern t-shirt from the back of the closet, check out these four costume ideas below that won’t break the bank or take up that precious paper writing time:

  1. Zombie — Although there are certainly more creative costumes out there, the classic zombie will never fail to impress. Depending on your artistic skill level and the amount of time you want to spend researching, makeup can range from none to Walking Dead style. Don’t have the time? Tussle your hair, rip an old t-shirt, add some red food coloring and walk out the door. Have some extra pom-pom’s laying around? Zombie cheerleader. Loafers and a tweed jacket? Zombie professor. The possibilities are endless.

Time: 5+ minutes       Cost: Free and up

  1. Bag of Jelly Beans — If you have at least an hour to spare for costume prep, this might be the costume for you. Things you’ll need for this clever and creative costume: 1 clear trash bag, 20-30 small assorted-color balloons (water balloons full of air work just fine), colored pants/leggings, and shoes. Cut leg holes and arm holes in the trash bag, fill yourself with the blown up water balloons and tie the top to rest gently on your shoulders. For extra emphasis, stick a Jelly Belly sign on your front and head out the door—no complicated makeup required!

Time: 45+ minutes        Cost: Free – $5

  1. A box of… — These costumes might take a bit more time than the others, but if you‘re feeling creative and have time to spare, a cardboard box and paint, you’re set. By using paint and/or print-outs alone, this cardboard box can be transformed into any number of items, including a box of cereal (cereal killer?), Spongebob, a TV set running a show with you as the star, a packet of Tic Tacs, a juice box, a box of Nerds, a Facebook profile—the list goes on. Get creative!

Time: 60+ minutes        Cost: Free – $10

  1. Animal — When it doubt, let the animal out. Toss on a solid color representing the animal you’ve chosen, fashion ears out of a headband, stick on a tail, and you’re good to go last minute! Other chosen characteristics, like spots and whiskers, also add a nice touch. Here are some easy-peasy favorites: cat, fox, tiger, mouse, bear (regular or teddy), and dog. Adding props to your animals can bring a whole new level of creativity as well; add a globe to your fox costume and you’re Mozilla Firefox.

Time: 5-10 minutes       Cost: Free – $5