The Decaturian

A “Green” Type of Medicine

Kirstyn Kedaitis, Writer

September 5, 2013

Why is medical marijuana such a controversial issue? It all boils down to one little word: stigma. The benefits of medical marijuana have, for all intents and purposes, already been proven. So, why isn’t medical marijuana as wid...

Obama’s university: college and government

Megan Chrisler, Features Editor

September 5, 2013

Millikin University students, and students all across the nation, took a great sigh of relief when Congress decided—believe it or not, they got along well enough to pass a bill—to keep low student interest rates on loans after...

Student involvement fair a success

Caitlin Husted, Copy Editor

September 5, 2013

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013, Millikin’s very own Student Involvement Fair took place in LRTUC. Many campus organizations gathered in the cramped room in order to show new and continuing students what MU has to offer. Many students...

The cycle of off campus safety

Nicole Johnson, Views Editor

September 5, 2013

For those of you who live off campus, you are well aware what the off campus meetings consist of. For those of you who do not, let me give you a quick recap. It is a requirement for those students who are living off-campus,...

Why First Week? Why?

Matthew McClelland, Arts Editor

August 28, 2013

When you remember your First Week, I’m sure you will all remember the dread of having to go to some various activity with a FYEM who was too peppy, sitting next to people you've never met and thinking you would much rather just...

A Curious Bystander

Megan Chrisler, Features Editor

August 28, 2013

As a recent visitor to a country that has only just ended a civil war, the events in Egypt and National Public, Radio’s David Greene’s comments about the country heading that direction have been ominous. Increased attacks...

Dr. St. James: What’s it’s been like

Ruby Porter, Writer/Photographer

August 28, 2013

The 2013-14 school year will bring a lot of changes for students at Millikin University with new faculty members, restructured organizations and new arrangements for events. However, some of these changes have already occurred. Recently,...

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