First World Problems: #Stop8ams2k15

First World Problems: #Stop8ams2k15

They tried to tell me that college was going to change me, and that I wasn’t going to be the same person as I came in as. I’ve been locked out of my own room, forgotten important assignments, and have lost my ID three times. I’ve gone through a lot of hardships, but nothing, NOTHING is as bad as having an 8am.

Let’s flashback to cutesy freshman me, bright-eyed and full of wonder and hope. I remember actually being excited to start classes after moving in. First week (thankfully) passed by in a flash, but then a MWF 8am chemistry class crushed all my energy and happiness that I had saved up for the semester.

The first day was okay, I still had my ‘I’m a freshman and I’m going to look cute in class everyday’ mentality, then the first week of class passed. By the end of the first month, I was regularly showing up to class in sweatpants. My hair could easily be mistaken for a rat’s lovely home. It’s a miracle someone didn’t try to throw me out since I honestly looked like a walking pile of trash, and I wasn’t a ray of sunshine to be around, think Oscar the Grouch vibe.

That’s right, three times a week, I dragged myself out of bed, and basically slithered my way from Blackburn to the third floor of LTSB. I won’t lie, I’m pretty sure a part of my very soul died every class.

It was after that train wreck of a class I swore to myself I would never take another 8am, and then registration day for Fall 2015 happened. I remember my very soul being crushed when I registered myself for an 8am. I thought, ‘well I’m a sophisticated adult now, maybe this 8am won’t be so bad’. I was so wrong. It’s terrible, if not worse than the first 8am, taking an 8am is basically like taking medicine, it’s good for you in the long run, but geez does it leave a sour taste in your mouth.

My question is just why? Who made 8ams a thing? What do they have against me? 8ams only purpose in life are to torture those of us who love to sleep in and/or forget to do assignments due the next day and only remember to do them very late at night.

I have made a few rules of how to survive 8ams. First rule, don’t take 8ams, second rule DON’T TAKE 8AMS. Third rule, if while on your way to your delightful 9am and you see someone coming back from their 8am, literally just hug them and lie to them by saying it’ll be alright. Final rule is that, first week of classes, you try to look good, that way the rest of the semester you can come in looking like the Grumpy old troll from the under the bridge and they’ll say “Hey remember that time Kayce tried? She looked pretty okay.”

If you have an 8am like me this semester, I promise we can get through this together. Let’s get #stop8ams2k15 trending.