Why Watch Another Dirty Room

     It’s amazing what finds you can discover over the summer. This year to keep myself busy, I would volunteer to clean the bathroom closest to my room. And while I clean the bathroom, I tune in to watch some episodes of a delightful YouTube series I discovered called “Another Dirty Room,” or as it’s sometimes referred to, ADR.

     It’s a show that’s aptly titled because if you tuned in and expected to find something clean, then a) you don’t want to believe that such filthiness could exist, or b) you clearly can’t read or at least need glasses (which is no shame). But even if you have glasses, your eyes better be prepared for squeamish imagery that could send any cleanliness-obsessed mother into a panic attack.

     And that begs the question: why watch it?

     ADR is created by Dan Bell and is currently on its second season. It’s being filmed by Jake Williams (of Bright Sun Films) and Dan. Together, along with Rick Serra and Brennen Evangelista (of Uncharted Travel), they make the fab four of sleazy motel rummaging.

     At the start of each episode, there’s an intro answering the musical question: “What the hell am I watching right now?” I would tell you what happens during the introduction, but it will leave you with a multitude of questions you’ll never get the answer to—not that you’d want to have them answered anyway.

     Then Dan’s voice comes in to tell us what we’re in for. He gives the name of the motel as well as reads some Google reviews of the place. He and his friends then check in and get the investigation underway.    

     First, they review the bathroom. The main things to expect to see are mold, sewage, cruddy toilets, filthy showers, and Rick occasionally eating the soap. A dirty bathroom doesn’t have to have all of these things, but then again, it’s ADR. It wouldn’t be surprising if it did.   

     Next, they look at the bed(s). They strip this bed from cover to frame to uncover the disgusting mess lurking within and below. The main gross things to look for are bed bugs, spiders, holes or burn marks on the duvets, strands of hair from God knows where, and occasionally urine, semon and/or blood.

     Then they review the rest of the room. They turn on the TV, pick apart the furnishings, and look at what grossness covers the wall with UV lighting. What you’d expect them to find varies from drug paraphernalia, such as crack pipes, to porno channels.     

     Finally, everyone gives the room a rating. The ratings go from five to one—five being the best and one being hideous/needs to burn down and also Dan’s default rating. You can expect more of the same: a lot of twos and ones.

     I suppose it’s unethical of me to give an entire episode’s structure away, but here’s the thing. The content is so gross that I couldn’t watch an episode in one sitting, at least not at first. It took a few attempts before I became desensitized to what was going on. Now I don’t feel as squeamish while watching it. I guess it helps that season two also has a hot shirtless guy in the crew, but I digress.   

     If there’s one thing that still disgusts me though, it would be the prices they charge for staying the night. Some of these prices are outrageous. One motel charged ninety dollars for the room and that came with a clogged sink, disgusting beds, and urine all over the walls. Clearly, these owners know where their priorities lie. But then again, if these owners really cared about their customers, ADR wouldn’t exist in the first place.     

     Since this show has two seasons, it would be reasonable to decide which season is better. I got hooked on the second season, and truth be told, it’s the best I’ve seen so far. Dan has even said he likes this season better.

     The best part about season two ADR is the chemistry between these people. I especially enjoy the chemistry between Brennen and Rick. Their goofing around is a nice distraction from the nightmare they’re working in, and Brennen’s (semi)straight man plays off Rick’s eccentric personality perfectly.   

     I haven’t gotten to the point where I eat my dinner while watching ADR yet, but I might get there at some point. Not that it’s an achievement I want to have for stuff like this, but if my family and I can eat pizza while watching “Game of Thrones,” anything’s possible.

     For now, though, I’m content letting the episode play while I clean the toilet. Something tells me it might be better that way, but, however, only time will tell.