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Mi Pueb vs El Rodeo

Katy Swift, Editor-in-Chief

February 16, 2017

Filed under Features, Showcase

Saying you are going to get Mexican food on this campus typically means one thing. You are going to Mi Pueblito, or more commonly known as Mi Pueb. It’s one of the top choices to visit on someone’s 21 birthday, RAs love bonding w...

A College Student’s Dream: Insomnia Cookies

Terri Purcell, Staff Writer

March 5, 2014

Filed under Features

Is a sweet-tooth keeping you up at night but nothing is open to feed it? Looking for an adventure that does not involve the Taco Bell staff knowing your order by heart? Insomnia Cookies is a great and delicious solution to all...

Restaurant Review: An Ode to Taco Bell

Allyx Davison, Staff Writer

February 5, 2014

Filed under Features

My sweet Taco Bell, I know not where to begin singing praise. Should I start with pointing out the succulence of your Crunchwrap Supreme? A dish (or burrito. Whatever) so delicious, so irresistible that I continue to buy them,...

Large Portions at a Reasonable Price at Garden Restaurant

Jacob Hall, Staff Writer

September 10, 2013

Filed under Features

Garden Restaurant is a newer establishment to Decatur that focuses on a diner-style menu and atmosphere. With breakfast served all day, a wide variety of lunch and dinner options, and daily specials, hungry Millikin students...

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