NFL Power Rankings Week 9

It’s time for the top five in the NFL, week nine. Starting at number five, down two spots from last week, the Philadelphia Eagles. 283.6 passing yards, and 115.1 rushing yards.

Sunday was a missed opportunity for the Eagles, looks like they need to take advantage of opportunities before week 13-15 stretch against the Cowboys, Seahawks, and Cowboys again. Moving two spots down from last week, the Cowboys are at number four with 240.1 passing yards and 160.5 rushing yards.

DeMarco Murray gained an impressive 5.2 yards before contact on his average rush Monday night. With Tony Romo injured in an overtime loss, Murray had a season-low 19 rushes.

Moving up five spots and making a reappearance in the top five, this week’s number three, the Patriots with 257.5 passing yards and 105.6 rushing yards. Tom Brady finished 20-for-20 Sunday targeting Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski for a combined 273 yards and four touchdowns.

Up three from last week and this week’s number two is the Cardinals with 240.3 passing yards and 88.9 rushing yards. The Cardinals gained 193 yards after the catch Sunday, their most in a game this season, and their second most since 2006.

And staying steady at number one, the Broncos with 297.0 passing yards and 101.4 rushing yards. Fresh off a 35 point performance against the Chargers, the Broncos headed to Foxborough, where Brady’s Pats dropped 51 points on the Bears. Next issue we’ll have a look at week 10, and see how long the top five will stay like this.