“London Bridge is Down”

A girl and a Saluki pose with several awards.

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“London bridge is down,” was the code phrase used to communicate the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 70  years, making her the longest reigning Monarch in history. 

Queen Elizabeth, who passed at the age of 96, was beloved by many both in the United Kingdom and across the world. She iconically displayed colorful outfits, and a delicate smile. 

Queen Elizabeth II was the only monarch to serve in WWII. When the war broke out, she was only 13 years old, but by her 18th birthday she joined the Women’s branch of the United Kingdom’s military to serve her country. 

Once the code phrase signaling her death was said, a chain reaction of events began. 

President Joe Biden ordered all U.S. flags flown in U.S. Federal and military facilities to fly at half-mast out of respect for the late Queen.

Her death has pushed the country into a traditional state of mourning, that hasn’t taken place since she rose to power in 1953. Many sporting events across the world have held a moment of silence in her honor. 

“…there were a lot of roses and snapdragons strewn around the palace and the square-like mounds and mounds,” acting major and exchange student Dani Clear said. 

Clear is a Millikin student who is currently residing in England as a part of Millikin’s International Exchange program. 

“…I wanted to experience another culture and live out of the country for the first time.” Clear said. 

Since the Queen’s death, Clear says there haven’t been a significant number of social changes, but there is tension in the air. 

“It’s kinda like when Trump was elected in America,” Clear said. According to Clear, both the newly elected Prime Minister and the new King, King Charles III are both conservative.  Royals are not allowed to be political. 

Unlike his late mother, King Charles is not well liked by the general public. Social media platforms such as TikTok have taken to pointing out his flaws. 

Content relating to the late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana has flooded the internet, claiming she was the “rightful new Queen” as opposed to Queen Consort Camilla. 

“… the night of you could feel like everyone just kinda wanted to be together.” Clear said in observance of the social changes after the Queen’s death was announced. 

Since the initial news of her death, people could be seen in Public in a state of shock, while some could even be seen in tears. 

“There was a guy on the Royal Victoria statue the night of holding up a massive Union Jack,” Clear said. The Union Jack is the formal name of the United Kingdom’s national flag. 

As of Sunday, September 11th, the Queen’s coffin had arrived in the Capital of Scotland.