Kaela Says: Add This


Kaela Adams

I thought long and hard about which artist to write my column about this week. I thought about fall and the kind of emotions affiliated with this popular season. Fall is a time where most people are quite jolly. However, it can also sort of shed some gloom.

People get lonely due to the cozyness of the season, and the cold starts to push us to the negative side of things. I thought I would provide some music that is really good for getting you through the fall funk. Who else better to write about than the artist who got me through my gloomiest days and darkest nights: Hozier.

Hozier, or his full name Andrew John Hozier-Byrne, is an Irish singer and songwriter. Hozier is mostly known for writing blues, indie rock, soul R&B, and folk music. He sings, plays guitar, and dabbles with a few other instruments.

He was born March 17, 1990, and grew up in County Wicklow, Ireland. He is most commonly known for his debut single hit “Take Me To Church” which was certified multi-platinum in multiple countries. It hit the top chart in Ireland and scored top ten in the global charts.

To go back to his early life, Hozier has been writing songs since he was 15. He attended Trinity College in Dublin and was heavily involved with the Trinity Orchestra there. He sang and toured nationally with the group Anuna for five years.

Hozier has also performed at the Oregon Festival two years in a row.

Hozier has not only won song of the year for “Take Me To Church” but was also awarded “Album of the Year” in 2015.

Hozier has two official albums out. His first album called “Hozier” was released in 2014 and has won numerous awards. This album includes 13 songs. More specifically, it includes the famous Take Me To Church, Cherry Wine, and Like Real People Do. The song “Cherry Wine” actually appeared in the movie “Wish I Was Here” in 2014.

His second album “Wasteland, Baby!” was released earlier this year and made the Billboard 200 chart. It includes 14 songs and has a more rocky feel to it.

The albums cover was painted by Hozier’s mother who is an artist in Ireland. She has actually created a lot of artwork for Hozier’s EP’s and other releases.

The album’s most popular song, “Movement” hit peak charts in Ireland and set the album up for success.

The album hit one on peak charts for Ireland and the US. Hozier has quite a few music videos out that allow his fans to encapture the deeper meaning of his songs. He’s actually made a couple in depths videos about what his text really means which allows his audience to better connect to his music.

Hozier started his North America tour at the beginning of this year where he is performing at various locations celebrating his new album “Wasteland, Baby!” Hozier is still performing all around North America and is scheduled to sing in Chicago November third and fourth. If you’re interested, you can get your tickets on his website.

Besides Hozier’s two albums, he has a ton of extended plays and singles he’s released over the years. These extended plays include Nina Cried Power, From Eden, and a few more.

Hozier has a lot of great music that is easy to relate and relax too. He’s a good listen for your fall funk or honestly anytime of the year. He’s accomplished so much and certainly left his mark in the music industry. If you haven’t already, go check Hozier out on all major platforms!