Superhero Spotlight: Wonder Woman


Photo Courtesy of DC Comics

Jason Messina, Writer

When it comes to superheroes, everybody has their favorites. If you talk to me, it will become very apparent that Deadpool is my favorite hero. Many people have to choose between Marvel and DC. But when we look at the difference between superheroes and superheroines there are some key people that come to mind. Usually, the first superhero that people think of is Superman, but when it comes to superheroines, there is one woman that is not only the first but a favorite.

Like many superheroes and heroines, there are many different origins for the different time periods. Instead of going down the list of every origin story we are going to go over one of the best origins stories.

This is the story of Wonder Woman. Diana Prince is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the first child born on Paradise Island in the three thousand year history where the immortal Amazons lived. One soul was held back from creation, the one that would be born as Diana. When she was born she was given powers from six of the Greek gods. She lived a fairly normal life among her amazon sisters, fighting, hunting and learning. But one day when a plane crashed on Paradise Island a man got stuck there. Now there had not been a man on Paradise Island, ever. So naturally the amazons were curious and then when he told them of his world and of the war that was going on Princess Diana knew she had to do something. She then fought for the right to bring Steve Trevor back from where he came as well as to help fight in this war to end all wars. She has since fought many enemies and was a key figure in taking down the Nazis and would later join the Justice League.

Wonder Woman is more than equipped to handle anything the world has to throw at her. She has many powers and abilities just from being an Amazon. She has super strength that comes from her Amazonian heritage as well as the gift she had got from Diameter before she was born. In the early comics, Wonder Woman has strength equal to Superman. Diana is also extremely fast due to her gift from Hermes. At one point it was stated she could run 60 mph.

Along with her powers, she is incredibly acrobatic, skilled in combat with and without weapons. Batman has said she is one of the deadliest hand to hand fighters there is.

Wonder Woman is also well equipped with some of the best gear available. She has her bullet proof braces as well as the speed and reflexes to make them even more effective than a shield. She has her tiara that can be thrown hard enough to incapacitate, and just like a boomerang it will come back. As well as her tiara and braces she always comes equipped with her most useful tool; the golden lasso of truth. Not only can it not break but anyone in its grasp will be forced to tell the truth. Perfect for getting a conviction and for finding the truth no matter how hard someone wants to keep their secret.

Oh, and also an invisible plane, but we don’t talk about that anymore.

Wonder Woman is an icon when it comes to superheroines. She was the first and is still considered the best. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. She showed everyone that a woman can be strong and powerful. She doesn’t take shit from any guys and she never will. That’s what makes her amazing and hopefully the upcoming movie will portray her and the story the way it was meant to.