Creative Corner

Late Night Cruises


It was past curfew but my eyes stayed wide open

We were driving down empty streets, the world was frozen

Just us and the stars and the sound of the wind in my hair

We were young and carefree with no money to spare

The streets were like silver, bright and slick

I screamed and laughed until my stomach felt sick

But that didn’t stop me from mapping out our hearts

Tied together like chains in the dark


Every streetlight we passed seemed like a door to a new world

And every dirt road we sped down was something more

Your smile was like the Cheshire cat, with your eyes scrunched up

Those light night cruises were always enough

My hands in your hair while we waited at a light

Headlights shining through those September nights

We were rebels, with silver tongues, always on the run

Nights with you were everything when we were young