Album Review: PTX Vol. III


Pentatonix is coming out with a brand new album filled with original music this month, but it is possible to hear their music on their other album, PTX Vol. III. For anyone who knows of the TV show The Sing-Off, Pentatonix should not sound unfamiliar. They are an acapella group who recently gained popularity through YouTube.

Pentatonix was founded in 2011 the day before the auditions for The Sing-Off. Kristie Maldonado, Scott Hoying, and Mitch Grassi were high-school friends before joining together and becoming the founding members of Pentatonix. Beatboxer/cellist Kevin Olusola and bass player Avi Kaplan were found through YouTube and mutual friends.

Since 2011, Pentatonix has won The Sing-Off, become popular YouTube stars, gone on multiple American and world tours, graced the world with three full-length studio albums, soon to be four, and made an appearance in Pitch Perfect 2. Their latest album PTX Vol. III features songs like Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” Clean Bandit’s “Rather be”, and a mashup called “La La Latch,” as well as songs from other popular artists.

Pentatonix does not disappoint with their extraordinary vocal style and unique arrangements. Pentatonix goes above and beyond in their third studio album. The vocals are strong and balanced, and even though she is thoroughly outmatched as the only female member of the group, Kristie Maldonado comes in strong with solos in “Rather Be” and “La La Latch”.

Olusola provides wonderful and complicated “instrumentals,” giving the group a strong sound as well as a unique one. Hoying, one of the groups founding members takes most of the solos with his semi-powerful tenor. The album also features impressive vocals from Grassi and the groups “lowest” member, bass Avi Kaplan. Kaplan hits all of those bass notes with excellent strength and clarity, adding a dark undertone to an overall light sound.

There are only a few problems found in this album. First, Hoying seems to have a very large number of solos which doesn’t give others a chance. Second, there needs to be more songs. This album does not last long enough, listeners need more! Preferably from their YouTube channel. Lastly, Olusola needs more solos. He can sing, so why not let him have a few?

This album is definitely something to put on blast and sing along to, as well as something to show your friends, if anything, to prove that the only reason you know about acapella is not Pitch Perfect. If you want more of Pentatonix, check out their YouTube channel, which features hit videos such as “The Evolution of Beyoncé,” “The Evolution of Music,” and Great Big World’s “Say something.” If you like PTX Vol. III, be sure to check out their self-titled album which features original songs that will be in stores on October 16th. Have fun listening aca-nerds!