Artist Spotlight: Raena Haight

This week’s artist spotlight goes to freshman Raeanna Haight who is currently studying Design and Production here at Millikin. Haight has been involved in the set up of many shows, including Peter Pan, and currently Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. Theater production is one of unsung heroes of the art community since a lot of the work is done behind the scenes, but it requires plenty of talent nonetheless.

When asked how she got into theatre tech she said, “My sister was doing a show, and they needed help, so I volunteered, I’ve been in love with it ever since.”

She then continued to say how she began to work in theater as a career, she said, “That theatre was called Playhouse 1960, then I followed my sister to another theatre called Applause where I started to get paid, I later worked at an Opera house which was really great experience for me.”

When asked about what makes design and production so important to theatre Haight said, “Without tech the actors would be silent, naked, and in the dark (literally). It adds to the magic that makes people want to keep coming back for more.” Haight had worked on the set of Peter Pan where she had drilled the holes for the twinkling stars that covered the stage, giving it a beautiful lighting effect.

Haight is actually from Houston, Texas, “In Texas, especially in Houston, there’s a really big street art scene, I’ve always been interested in street artists like Banksy. Street art is one of my other big interests besides theater.”  When asked why she came to Millikin to study Design she said, “I met a good friend through Community Theater who went here and he became a lighting mentor to me, so I ended up here.” In her spare time Haight likes to ride her bike around Fairview, and watch old movies.