Amy Codney Bralette

For the love of God can we please get a break? Forest fires in January, Kobe Bryant dies, coronavirus strikes, civil unrest, and now Amy? The replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburgh is a woman whose last name sounds like a piece of fabric that holds tits up? I knew the universe had a sense of humor but holy shit. We’re in for one hell of a shit show with this lunatic on the Supreme Court. Let’s start out with the basics shall we?

First of all our new Supreme Court justice and conservatives favorite wet dream claims herself as an originalist. Now for those of you who do not know what an originalist means, she basically believes that every single word in the constitution should be law and not interpreted differently.

She wishes to “uphold the constitution as written by our founding fathers”. Except there is something very ironic about all this. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution to be modified.

That’s right, those powdered wig wearing men back in the 1700s understood that the constitution would need to change with time. Hence why we have amendments and why women and people of color can now vote. This is also how all my gun-toting friends got their right to carry firearms, by the second amendment as they like to point out so often.

Amy Codney Bralette, or however the hell you spell her name, claims to be an originalist but forgets the basic premise of the constitution, that it is meant to be changed. The fact that the constitution is meant to be amended directly cancels out Amy’s claim, therefore leaving Democrats unnerved by her true intentions. 

I wish I did not have to speak on this part, but sadly our current government is filled with racist POC’s and we’ve just added one more. Now she hasn’t explicitly said anything racist, that we know of, but her answers to racial questions are very short and uneducated. During the October 14th, Supreme Court hearing Amy was questioned by Cory Booker on her previous claims that she has read all about the racial disparity going on in America.

When questioned again about these sources, Amy was not able to give one and instead said, “Well, Sen. Booker, I will say what I have learned about it has mostly been in conversations with people, and at Notre Dame as at many other universities. It’s a topic of conversation in classrooms, but it’s not something that I can say, yes, I’ve done research on this and read X, Y, and Z.”

This woman is the next Supreme Court judge and she has failed to do research on one of the most prevalent issues in American history. Amy also has two adopted children from Haiti, and while I am in no position to question her motherhood, It might strike some as odd that she has not done comprehensive research on the topic while raising two black children in America. 

Now the topic that you’ve all been waiting for: Amy’s stance on women’s rights and abortions. As I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone, our bible beater wants to get rid of abortions and defund planned parenthood. Not only is Amy against abortions and planned parenthood, but she also wishes to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

She shares these same views with our current President. The Affordable Care Act allows women to have their birth control and other contraceptive methods covered by their insurance. Not only that, but Roe v. Wade is also in dangerous waters. Amy has voted on three separate cases that dealt with abortion, and each time in favor of the pro-life standpoint.

Women’s rights are currently in the hands of a white male trapped in a woman’s body. Amy wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act because she already has her children and is probably going through menopause, so what use is birth control to her? Therefore it is no use to anyone. Her religious affiliation is clouding her political judgment and putting not only the health of women at risk but the future of the next generation.