The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

A Smoldering New Beginning

There’s no such thing as good and bad. There’s bad and there’s worse

When it comes to searching for a college at the division three level you should be looking for a few things. A strong community that supports and upholds your values, a great sports team that you either want to be a part of or support, as well as an education that will be capable of carrying through your college experience and beyond. Unfortunately when it comes to Millikin University the administrative staff have chosen to make sacrifices that will propel athletes futures, but in turn the University is causing those who have shown themselves to be truly loyal and believe in the University’s vision to be cast to the curb for the sake of athletics, in the form of a “long term investment”.

Over the last 10 years Millikin has had more than a few multi-million dollar projects that not only reshape its campus but also to inspire future students and athletes. We’ve seen this when it comes to the remodel or complete reconstruction of places like the softball field, the baseball field, the reconstruction of the library and, as of most recently, the most reflective building on campus, the theater and dance building.

Even though all of these buildings have indefinitely improved enrollment as well as the overall experience of these programs. We have to ask ourselves what we are doing for the people who chose to lay down a significant portion of their time, money, and emotional labor who believed in this campus and its vision before any of those things were set in motion.

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When it comes to the football team they haven’t exactly had a stellar record the last few years. Some would say that the reason for this is because the individual athletes or the coaching staff. But if you were to ask the team they would say that’s because of the lack of proper equipment and a quality weight room. And to an extent they would be right.

When we compare our football team’s equipment to others in the conference we are essentially comparing a Saturn to a Ferrari. No matter how hard you work a car with a Saturn’s engine it will never be able to keep up with the capabilities of a car with a Ferrari’s. The same can be said for trying to keep up with other teams with better resources.

As a member of the track and field team personally I am incredibly excited for this new weight lifting facility. Finally, our team won’t have to walk all the way across campus to use a facility that’s being shared by the other residents of Decatur. On the other hand I can see the active mourning from those who are losing mentors, colleagues, and friends.

Even though our university has a lot to answer for when it comes to playing with the livelihoods of those who have poured so much into it, I can’t help but get the feeling that this is laying down the kindling for a form of rebirth at Millikin’s campus.

Similar to how when the Phoenix comes to the end of its life cycle you may believe that it is time for it to pass on. But from its ashes sparks new life and in that new life comes new opportunities and chances to change the world.

For those of us fortunate enough to remain in our state of awkward discomfort we can’t help but find ourselves faced with a couple of choices. We can choose to sit here and talk about how the situation makes us feel.

Or we can pick ourselves back up and come to the realization that we can’t change what has already been done, but acknowledge that those who came before us didn’t believe in this University for nothing.

We must embrace this change and use it to reshape Millikin into a university that doesn’t just represent its sports teams.

If we as a community aren’t willing to sit down and have the hard and awkward conversations about the previous choices that were made, then all of the fighting done by those who came before us will truly be for nothing.

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