Do College Students Have a Life?


Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

Rebekah Icenesse

College is the best four years of your life, but it can get to be a lot sometimes. Okay, let me rephrase that. College can be a lot all the time 24/7. For us college students, there’s a lot of things we are always having to do. So if you ever question on if college students really have a life outside of school. The answer is simple. No. No we do not.

What is life? I don’t actually know anymore. It’s hard to remember what life is when you have so much stuff to do and most of it usually turns your brain into mush. And once it turns to mush, then you have to wait at least two to three hours before your brain can start to come back to its full function again. 

So, if you ask college students something and they either don’t answer or don’t know what to say, then they either have mush brain or they’re just  trying to keep their eyes open and not fall down on the floor asleep.

So, give us a break. We’re trying our best to survive these four years. These years can be very rough on us so please cut us some slack if we are more like zombies who are exhausted and hungry. We’re doing as well as we can be in a stressful, sleepless environment. 

College may teach us a lot of things, but we’re not the best at time management. So don’t be surprised when we say we have no life. All we know is school and homework and nothing else. Sometimes we don’t even remember what day it is or what our name is.

So, what is a social life? We don’t know. We have never heard of these two words before. Seriously, if you ask any college student what they do in their social life, the usual response is sleeping or eating. Occasionally, you’ll get the ones who work out daily or do sports, but most of us just want to sleep in our time off from schoolwork. 

Sleep is something we don’t get very often so when we have any free time, even if it’s only 30 minutes between our classes, we’ll find a way to catch some z’s. Even if we have to lay on the benches outside the classroom or the semi-comfy chairs and couches in the library, or on the floor (yes college students will lay on the floor if they have to), we will find a way to get a quick nap in. 

College students can be extremely creative when it comes to finding spots to nap because naps are life. If you see us napping in a public area, please don’t wake us up. Just let us be and wish us to sleep for longer. Or if you want to give us a pillow and blanket to make us comfier, then that would be much appreciated too.

If anything constitutes as a social life, it’s mainly watching tv. Besides sleeping and eating, all college students talk about is watching Netflix. If anyone asks us what we are going to do after class, we always say we’re going to go home and watch some Netflix. 

So we are pros at watching tv. If we got paid for all the binge-watching we do, we would all be millionaires. Watching tv allows for us to enjoy something that makes us happy and relaxed. It’s a good way to de-stress, so that’s all we have to offer in our life outside of school. Netflix, sleep, and food. That basically sums up a college student’s life outside of school and work. 

We wish we could have a normal life that allows for us to sleep at decent hours and go do fun things with our friends, but that’s not the case most of the time. We wish we could have more of a life, but we don’t. 

Class, homework, and work is all we know. It’s a continuous cycle everyday for four years. We get up, sometimes 5 minutes before class, we might eat one meal a day, we go to all our classes, we do homework for the rest of the day, and then we sleep whenever we can. That’s all us college students do. 

So, if you ever wonder why college students don’t do much outside of school or seem lazy, it’s because we’re tired, hungry, stressed, and exhausted. Please be gentle with us and handle us with care. We’re just trying to make it through and are doing our best here to survive college.