Are Sequels Really That Bad? Yes.


Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Rebekah Icenesse

With every good movie, there’s always something that tries to drag it down. Some movies are better left alone; actually, almost all movies are better left alone. Very rarely are there sequels that do the movie justice. 

You could say that I have a distaste for sequels, and that’s true. I do, but I also just don’t see the point of continuing a story when there’s not a lot left to add. Why mess with something that’s already good? I keep asking myself that question every time I see a sequel come out and I don’t think there will ever be an answer because sequels are still being made every year. 

Now, not every sequel made is a bad one. There are some really good sequels that continued the storyline well and did very successful. Like “Aliens,” “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Godfather Part II.” All of these films were amazing and not only did they do the originals justice, but they added things to the franchise that made the storylines even more awesome. 

These sequels were more financially successful than its counterpart and it’s easy to see why.

With a good sequel, you’ll have a storyline that seems reasonable and not far fetched or hard to believe. The sequel is able to continue strong character development and showcase the strong arc that was started in the first movie. Not only with the plot and characters, but also the special effects are notoriously better in these sequels. 

These films show how to do a successful sequel without screwing everything up. But other sequels should not have even been made in the first place. 

Just think of how many movies are in some franchises, horror movies especially. How many “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies do we need when none of them were any good? 

After a while, the sequels started to get stupid and completely redundant in their content. You could tell the studios were scraping for money because of how awful these sequels were. Some of them had magic and witches involved and some involved the antagonist going to Hell or outer space. Like come on, how ridiculous does that sound? 

And like these examples, then there are sequels that should not have been thought of because the first movie was so good and didn’t need a sequel. I’m talking about movies like “Dirty Dancing,” “Saturday Night Fever,” “Donnie Darko,” “Jaws,” “American Psycho,” and “The Exorcist.” 

These films were so good on their own and did not need a sequel! Their storylines were finished and good where they were left at. But no, there had to be a sequel made and it was terrible and an embarrassment to the original movie. 

Just like movie remakes, sequels are in the same boat that should never make it to shore. Sequels are never made with the intention to continue the storyline in an awesome way, it’s just the studios trying to make any money they can get because there are no more creative ideas. You can tell when people run out of ideas for storylines when all of these sequels, remakes, and live-action remakes are always being released. 

It’s kind of sad when you have to make a sequel for an already spectacular movie because you’re so desperate for money. Why not think up an idea that hasn’t been used before? Easier said than done, I know, but there are so many things that have not been made into a movie that can be really great movies. There are still ideas out there and so much potential for unique movies to be made. 

              Sequels are never going to be my favorite. Most of them aren’t any good and how many more do we need until we stop making bad movies that are embarrassing the originals? Nobody wants a sequel to an already excellent movie. 

Unless the sequel is going to be more amazing than the first one, let the sequels go and make a new movie that is more interesting.