Dating in College: Right for You?


Courtesy of Pixabay

Rebekah Icenesse

We all want to find love. Besides success and wealth, love is the one other thing that people want the most in their life. Love is an easy emotion to have, but it’s not the easiest thing to find when you are looking for a partner. Especially when you’re in college, love can be the hardest thing to find. Everyone wants love, but if you’re a college student, can you even try to date someone? The answer is not that simple. 

For some, they might find their true love while at college, but for the rest of us, it’s not that easy. And even if you find someone to love, do you have time to date them amongst the other things you have to do at college? For me, I would say not really. Yes, I would love to find love while I am here at college, but finding love is hard when you are so focused on your schoolwork and trying to maintain your academic and social life. 

So should college students date? Yes and no. If you are able to manage a relationship while dealing with everything else in your life, then go for it. Be great and find that love with the right person. But if you can’t, then that’s okay too. 

College students don’t always have the best time management, especially when it comes to relationships, so make sure that you really want to be in a relationship before you start sharing feelings with someone else. You may think you want a relationship, but in reality, you’re probably just feeling lonely and want some attention from someone. Which is very understandable. We all want to get attention and to feel important to someone.

The reason why I say that having a relationship is hard in college, is because of how busy you are with school and any other extracurricular or work you have. We are all so busy with our own schedules, let alone trying to find the time to fit someone else into that schedule. And if both of your schedules don’t match up or you can’t find any time to spend together, then there’s no point of dating in the first place. 

College is the time that you really find yourself. You find out who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. You learn so much about yourself through your four years, so wait until you know what you really want. 

We were all freshmen once who really wanted to date someone, but we weren’t ready to because dating someone is a big step, especially when you are trying to figure out your own life. It’s hard to figure yourself out when you have a whole other person to think about. Besides, kind of like how high school was, a lot of relationships don’t end up lasting because life changes and things get in the way. 

I’m not saying to not try things and put yourself out there, but have an idea of what you want first before you go trying to find someone to love. You have so much of your life to live and you don’t need to be tied down yet if you have a lot going on in your life.

If you want to date throughout your college years, go ahead and live you life and do what you want to do. But if you don’t want to date or are very picky, like I am, then that’s fine, too. You’ll eventually find someone, even if it’s not while you’re in college. 

Love and relationships can be complicated and college is no exception to that. If anything, college makes things harder. But if you really want to be with someone, then be with them! 

Don’t let outside forces hinder your relationship and make you unhappy. And if you want to date, but just haven’t found the one yet, be patient. Keep working on establishing yourself and it will eventually come to you. 

Love will find you in one way or another.