Save the Avocados!

Caleb Kelch

The world has seen plenty of stances on protecting wildlife, foods, people, and so much more. These stances include Save the Bees, Save the Sea Turtles, #MeToo, and those are only a few out of the hundreds to even thousands that been started and campaigned for over the past few years.

But here’s one that you might not have heard of before. Save the Avocados.

With Trump’s unfortunate plan to build a wall, our nation will see a rapid decline in several things such as produce such as avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries, and raspberries which mainly come from Mexico during this time of the year.

You might be mentioning the wondrous fields of California that could help us receive delicious and beautifully healthy fruit and veggies, but the growing season for California farmers just started and it’s going to be quite some time till they’re able to contribute and distribute throughout the nation.

Plus, with the speedy increase and insane likening for avocados, California farmers will not be able to single-handedly grow and control the United States’ produce. In fact, California has a “very small crop” according to Steve Barnard, the president of Mission Produce, who recently told Reuters of the possible struggles and limitations avocado lovers could potentially face.

Food chains such as Subway, Jimmy Johns, and plenty of others have helped the recent love for avocados to soar and have allowed for companies such as Mission Produce to make a ton of money off of growing avocados.

Avocados’ extreme health value and deliciousness only benefit the reasons as to how devastating it would be if Trump built the wall. Granted, it’ll take a lot longer to build the wall than the suggested three weeks of how much longer, us, avocado lovers would have left according to Barnard. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are so many consequences and unfortunate circumstances between the two countries if the wall were to be built.

The United States Department of Agriculture says that “nearly half of all imported vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruits are grown in Mexico.” Take a minute to realize just how much of our produce would be missing from the shelves, refrigerators, and stands in grocery stores all over the country.

Fortunately, Mexico is not the only country where we get all of the produce we consume, but our trade plans would definitely fluctuate and have to be adjusted if we were to alter them and build this “wall.” Despite the ability to trade with other countries, the avocado shortage would still be evident and stomachs all over the country would be drastically hungry. Especially mine.

Still, it’s been over a week since the first reports were released by Reuters and The US Department of Agriculture on the possible shortage of avocados and other produce and the wall has yet to be approved. This doesn’t change the scare and dangers that it has and could continue to cause if it were to be built.

On April 3, Bloomberg reported that Hass Avocado prices surged Tuesday due to importers stockpiling produce. Even with the sudden actions by importers and the rise of avocado prices already being evident.

This is only the beginning. Roland Fumasi, vice president and senior analyst at Rabobank, told Bloomberg that prices could “easily double or triple if we shut down the border,” according to Madison Flager of

As of now, we can only hope that the wall will continue to go unbuilt and our worries of not having any delicious avocados will eventually fade away into the distance and this matter will never be mentioned again. But, anything can happen, unfortunately. Whether we rely on California or adjust trade plans with other countries, our avocados and plenty of other beloved produce will only be saved if we disprove against the wall.

So join me in the movement to the protect and keep the green, odd-shaped, and absolutely delicious food that is the avocado. Say it with me, “Save the Avocados!”