Please Give Us the Old Disney Back

Dear Disney, please go back to the old you. As an almost twenty-one-year-old, I have become extremely disappointed with the way Disney Channel has become. No more are there TV shows that are funny and relatable for adolescent kids, but only TV shows that have subpar plotlines that struggle to bring laughs in.

What happened to the good old days of “Lizzie Maguire,” “Even Stevens,” “That’s So Raven,” and “Suite Life of Zack and Cody?” These shows allowed for us, then kids, to have fun and be invested in a show that not only showed comedy but important lessons about what it is like to grow up. R.I.P to the old Disney and to the new Disney, please stop trying so hard to be relevant.

Granted, I am an adult and there is no reason to watch Disney Channel anymore, but I am sad to see that the classic traditions of Disney are not found in the new TV shows and movies over the past few years. I understand that the television market has changed and also with the advancement of technology, Disney is going to have a different feel since it is so modern. But it could have done a lot better than to start remaking the classics that I always watched.

Yeah, I’m looking directly at you the new “Kim Possible” live action movie. Are you kidding me? Why would you remake “Kim Possible?” It was one of the best animated Disney channel shows ever made and you are doing an injustice by putting it on the big screen and making it completely different than the original.

I was honestly excited when I first heard that Disney was remaking Kim Possible, but after watching the trailer, I only had one thought: this movie is trash. It looks like it was made on a three-dollar budget and the people working on it had no clue to what the TV show was. I was disgusted with what the movie was and I am now sad and angry to know that this movie is out there in the world and bringing the Kim Possible name down.

First off, Kim Possible looks like she should still be in middle school. In the tv show, Kim looked like a badass high schooler who was strong and confident in her spying. She fought crime like a champ and didn’t look like a little kid who was dressing up as a spy for Halloween.

It’s not just Kim who doesn’t fit, but also the villains. Dr. Drakken and Shego don’t even resemble their appearances in the TV show. In the movie, Dr. Drakken isn’t even blue! He’s wearing a long blue coat and that’s it. Shego is wearing a costume with only a little green that doesn’t at all look like the real character. Seriously, these characters look like they got their costumes at a discount store. Very disappointing.

This is all of my judgments without seeing the movie, but honestly, I don’t even want to see the disaster movie that I know will only leave me feeling bitter. I can’t watch a movie that will do the show a dishonor. “Kim Possible” is the best when it comes to original animated TV shows and the movie will never do it justice. It’s a shame that Kim Possible has to have this baggage of a trash movie behind it. Why Disney? Why did you have to mess with an already good thing? Thanks for ruining some of my favorite childhood memories.

Now excuse me, I am going to try and bleach my eyes from seeing this disgrace that dares to call itself “Kim Possible.” There’s only room for one “Kim Possible” here and it’s the old TV show that will always be superior. The only place this new movie deserves to be in is the trash can.

So Disney, take this L and fix your channel. Make it good and funny again. Please do us all a favor and stop forcing your cringiness on us bitter people who wish TV was as good as it was in our early days.