Where is Christmas Already?

It’s October, and that means Halloween is in near sight. It also means the idiotic Halloween festivities are in full swing, and the hideous costumes are blooming all around us. Man, does Christmas need to get here fast.

I can’t take anymore of these songs about monster mashes, costumes with fake blood, movies of haunted people, or food that has been “glorified,” or shall I say barfified. Ugh! I don’t see how actual human beings would rather watch vampires and werewolves over the sights of beautiful evergreen trees and Santa Claus. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

One holiday is focused around darkness and scaring each other while the other spreads happiness and that certain kind of spirit that you just can’t find anywhere else or at any other time of the year. The comparison of ghouls and zombies to reindeer and Santa Claus is laughable. There shouldn’t be a comparison. Christmas wins every time.

The fact that there are human beings who would rather support and celebrate a holiday that prides itself on it’s “spooky” costumes and demonic background and nature is pathetic and truly difficult to wrap my head around. Christmas offers so many opportunities that are filled with kindness and that wonderful Christmas spirit that becomes so contagious. Halloween doesn’t offer anything close to that besides the fact that people become meaner.

When it comes to entertainment, the best movies are always during Christmas time. Yes, there are some decent Halloween, or shall I say supposedly Halloween, movies such as “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Hocus Pocus,” but then there are the absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical ones like “Halloweentown” and “Beetlejuice.”

Meanwhile, Christmas movies are these wonderful possessions filled with laughter, love, and again that classic Christmas spirit. Along with these game-changing factors, the sight of snow (even if it’s fake), evergreen trees, and Christmas decorations all over makes you feel a sort of way and instills this sort of happiness that can’t be faked nor put there by much else.

One of the best parts about Christmas is the nostalgic factor. That time of the year feels recognizable and has this “special” feel to it. No other time of the year can truly exhibit that feeling and it instantly makes Christmas so much better over Halloween. Whether you are watching “White Christmas” or listening to Bing Crosby welcoming Christmas, this feeling of nostalgia enters your system, and it makes Christmas so much more meaningful and authentic. Unlike Halloween, where you have to seek attention for the costume you are wearing and to get candy to be put in your bucket.

It’s kind of pathetic to think about how Halloween works. We dress up for one day of the year, and before I move on, let’s talk about the people that spend lots of money on a one night of the year for a costume that will only be worn for a few hours and only once. That’s just a waste of money. It could easily be spent on food for your family, Christmas dinner, or for the Christmas decorations you’ll use for years. End of rant.

Moving on, the dressing up for one day of the year and then walking around houses in the neighborhood basically begging for candy by saying the words “trick or treat” is just sad and disappointing. We raise our children to expect candy on one night of the year. With Christmas, candy is definitely there like it is for all holidays, but other food items are more popular than just candy.

Halloween could be great, but unfortunately that will most likely never happen. With the way our country works and the age that we are in, Halloween will only get worse and become more pitiful. For Christmas, my playlists are already being made or will be reused for another year, the spirit is near and I can feel it coming, and the opportunity to spread happiness makes me so ready for the best time of the year. So give up the fake blood and treats, and stop tricking yourself, because Christmas heils over Halloween and needs to arrive fast.