Venom: SymbiHOT or SymbiNOT?


Photo by: Jason Messina

Savanna Prasun

A lot of people fantasize the same type of man. Tall, dark, and handsome. Though I don’t think a lot of those people who were looking for someone about the size of a tree, has teeth as sharp as knives, and would eat a person faster than a woman on her period eats chocolate. I say most, some do look for people like that, or in this case, a symbiotic creature called Venom.  

Venom is an alien symbiote that attached itself to a man named Eddie Brock. Both Venom and Eddie hate Spiderman and Peter Parker. They bonded with their hate. Hate: there’s a red flag. Though they try and redeem each other. Green flag. Although, these two entities have been through a lot together. They were captured and tortured.  Venom was forced to rip himself apart. Both of them have a fair amount of scars.

Now, a lot of people have this urge to fix people. The typical bad boy story. Good person wants to help “bad” person through all the horrible things they’ve been through. Not with Venom. He copes in a very different way. He either eats “evil-doers” or he… eats chocolate. In all honesty, sounds like one of my bad days.  

I mean, if you think of him objectively, if someone described him, he’s very attractive. I mean a tall, muscular man with a love for chocolate; I mean, I would go for it. Then you have to consider the other thing about Venom.

Although Eddie Brock is five feet and eleven inches tall, Venom can be any size he damn well pleases. He has razor sharp teeth, muscles that could crush an average sized man, and a tongue that’s longer than the Red Carpet. Although that last feature is… very desirable to a lot of people, that tongue has been places one wouldn’t want anywhere near… important things. But I think I can explain why people are so attracted.

Teratophilia(noun): 1) Sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people; 2) Attraction to monsters. That is what describes the attraction to Venom, besides other underlying factors. Some people are attracted to the danger of Venom (Hybristophilia). He could kill them if he wanted to. Eat them without a second thought. Although, now that I think about it, there’s a kink for that too (Vorarephilia). With the human psychology, one never knows.

People might also be attracted because he is both “Beauty” and “Beast.” Eddie Brock was a good looking man with a deadly symbiote attached to him. Now Tom Hardy, who is playing Brock in the movie, is attractive. Many would agree with me in saying they would climb him like a tree. Venom is a completely different topic. One is a hot human, the other is a man-eating symbiotic alien. Both have appealing features, though not conventional, they are both still attractive in different ways.

One can never assume things with sexual attraction. One could look at someone else and think one thing, then be surprised when that person thinks another.

Now, I am not judging sexual preferences or sexual activities of any kind, but to a lot of people, it’s weird. The human psyche is a strange thing, and it is ever changing throughout time and culture. Some are stranger than others.

So, be attracted to people, or things, that you want to be. Or have been always been attracted to. Just make sure no one gets hurt in the process. To all those attracted to Venom though, I’m sorry to say that there are no large symbiotic, alien creatures to take over an insanely hot reporter out there for you. But one could always hope.