The End of the World:

Netflix Ads

The end of the world has come. As I go to watch one of my favorite shows, anticipating what the next episode I left on reveals, I am horrified at what comes right after the episode ends. A disturbing nuisance that never brings any happiness or joy to anyone. An advertisement! Netflix has ads. *cue horrified scream*

Netflix has decided to start testing out if putting advertisements in its tv shows will be accepted with open arms. This has gone on for a few weeks now and the negativity is overwhelming and frankly, I don’t mind how many complaints Netflix is getting. Call me bitter, but nobody wants to see advertisements on a streaming service that you pay good money for.

The whole point of getting a paid subscription to a premium stream service is so that you don’t have to deal with all of the advertisements like on tv or other free services. If I’m paying over ten dollars every month to get my free-of-ads tv watching, then I better get that all of time or I will go to a different service that does not make you watch ads after every episode of a tv show.

Okay, granted, the advertisements are only for Netflix original tv shows and they’re only short commercials like the previews at a movie theatre before the trailers roll, but still. The advertisements are not necessary. Netflix has so much money that they do not even need advertisements to bring them more money because they probably have billions already!

Do you know how popular Netflix is and how many people in the world have a subscription? That number is too high to try to figure out, but there is an extremely large amount of people all over the world who are invested and giving their money to Netflix. We’re going to do some basic math here really quick. If each person’s Netflix subscription is ten dollars (at least) and there are 20 million people watching. That is 200 million dollars Netflix is receiving in the first month of watching.

So obviously Netflix does not need to gain any more money from advertisements. In an entire year they could probably be making a billion dollars for how many subscribers they have. That’s a lot of money that could easily be taken away if there are more advertisements being put into the tv shows.

So Netflix, please do not keep putting advertisements in your tv shows. I just want to binge-watch my shows in peace and not have the thirty-second interruption of a stupid ad that is not going to make me want to buy or look at what you’re trying to get me to. I never pay attention to commercials when they’re on the tv, so why would I even think of paying attention to a Netflix one? Advertisements and commercials are so annoying and they only irritate people even more, especially if they are trying to binge-watch their favorite show. You never want to get in between a person and their binge-watching.

I swear Netflix, if you continue to have ads in your shows by the time “Stranger Things” or any other interesting show that I want to watch from you is released and there is a commercial between every dang episode, you will have a very unhappy subscriber who is not afraid to write you a complaint letter about how stupid you are for ruining my tv-watching. Take a note from your audience and investors and listen to the negativity. Nobody wants to have ads when they’re trying to watch a show that they are paying to see.

If you want to get rid of the ads, here’s a quick tip. Go to your account profile and scroll down to test participation. Hit the off button and voila! No more advertisements! You’re welcome for saving your life. So now enjoy all of your free-from-ads tv watching and have a nice day without the dreaded advertisements that Netflix should not keep.