How To Celebrate V-Day When You’re Single

How To Celebrate V-Day When You’re Single

Rebekah Icenesse

So it’s officially Valentine’s Day and the worst day of the year to everyone who is single, including me. Valentine’s Day is the only holiday that shows more love than any other day, but if you don’t have a significant other to take out to on a romantic dinner and shower them with roses and chocolates, then here are a few ways to celebrate the holiday of love when you are single and lonely for someone to love and cuddle you.

The first thing you can do for Valentine’s Day when you’re single is to mope around your house and cry. Shed a few tears (or a lot) for not being in love and thinking that you are going to be spending the rest of your life alone with twelve cats. You can also be crying because you are really happy that you are not in a relationship and don’t have to deal with all of the drama that comes along with it.

After moping around for a little bit, listen to some rock, heavy metal, rap, or any other music besides the lovey dovey songs that are too depressing to listen to. Turn it to the loudest possible volume and scream or rap along to the lyrics and curse or flip a middle finger to all of the lucky people who are in love and way more happier than you are.

When you have had enough of your self-pity jam session, get ready for the day and put on your best outfit. Go out into the world and show everybody what they’re missing out on with you and how lucky they would be to have you. You do not need anyone to look cute and dress up for but yourself, so be confident and put all of the other lovebugs to shame.

If you are still feeling lonely and you don’t have a dog or other animal companion to cuddle with and love, take out your squad and hit the town. Go to a fancy restaurant, the mall, a bar, a karaoke club, or just hang out at home and binge-watch some movies while you stuff your face with pizza and chocolate. As long as you are with your best friends, who are also single, there is no one else you need to make you feel happy and secure than them.

Another way to help you in your self-loathing for the day: buy yourself some red roses, a big box of chocolates, and a large teddy bear. Why do you have to have a significant other to buy you cute stuff when you can do it on your own? If you want to buy yourself that big teddy, then buy that big teddy bear and cuddle with it while you watch action or comedy movies that will take your mind off of this holiday that makes you utterly sick and disgusted. Hey, it’s your single love life and you can feel sorry for yourself all that you want too!

So don’t worry if you do not have a love to spend time with during Valentine’s Day. It’s not the end of the world, though it may feel like it, and you can buy yourself a big box of chocolates and eat the entire thing in one sitting without feeling bad like you’re cheating yourself. You have your awesome friends around you who you can spend time with and forget about how lonely the single life is sometimes.

Relish in the fact that you are still not tied down yet and live your best life, during and after V-Day. Hope all of the wonderful single people of the world have a happy Valentine’s Day doing whatever makes them happy and see you all again next V-Day where I will most likely still will be single *sad face*.