Ranch dressing on Pizza Yay or Nay?


Chris Diver

Ranch dressing on pizza: the food trend has been around for a few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. And with this trend, there are those that decided to participate and those that sat out, and due to participation, this trend has lasted for as long as it has.

The question however, is if this food trend is a good one or not. And I say it is, for a few reasons, and I am glad it is one that stuck for as long as it has, and I’m glad that it caught on the way it did.

The first big question is, what does ranch do for pizza exactly? Well, what happens is when combining the two, it creates a unique flavor blending the dressing with the cheese and pizza sauce. This is a unique flavor that is hard to replicate in other ways. The flavor creates a somewhat sweet taste from the dressing and the cheese.

The reason this works is that it works like a dipping sauce. The same way that one can dip french fries in ketchup or dip a chip in nacho cheese, one can dip pizza in ranch.

Plus, ranch and pizza aren’t the first combinations to use the food or the dressing. Many might say, “Of course ranch is used for other things, it’s used for salads and vegetables.” Well, ranch is also not exclusively for vegetables either. Ranch is used commonly for chicken wings, so why can’t it be used for pizza?

As for pizza, other than ranch, what else could you dip it in? Hot sauce maybe? But what if you’re not a fan of spicy food? Well in that case ranch works as an opposite. If the pizza is too hot, just dip it in ranch to cool it down the same way you would with wings. The blend of the hot pizza with the colder ranch makes for a combination that tastes amazing. Plus, for toppings like peppers, or buffalo chicken, if you have a spicy topping, then ranch works as a neutralizer in the same way it does for hot wings.

You also don’t have to use ranch as a dipping sauce; you can also just put it on the pizza the same way that one would put ranch on a salad, and it still works fine. Sure, using this method makes it a little bit messier to enjoy, but it works the same way as putting ketchup on a burger or mayonnaise on a sandwich. Instead of just dipping the pizza in the ranch, it’s already on the pizza and keeps the ranch/pizza combination flavor better than when you dip it.

However, one downside to the ranch and pizza combination is that the combination of the two is not the healthiest. While it all depends on where you get pizza from, it is not a super healthy food for the most part, and adding ranch to it just makes it less healthy. As a topping, ranch would increase the amount of calories to the pizza and increase some of the unhealthy factors. So, for those trying to watch their weight or keep in shape, no matter how delicious this combination is, you might want to steer clear of this combination.

So, in conclusion, the idea of ranch dressing on pizza might not be the most well-known combination, but it is one that is great, here to stay, and definitely worth a try for any pizza lover or anyone who is just curious and looking for new things to try.