The Roast of iOS 11

The Roast of iOS 11

Chris Diver

Earlier this month, Apple released its newest software update IOS 11. Each time Apple releases a large update like this, it completely changes the way that Apple software functions and this time, oh boy is it a mess. Instead of improving for the better there are more things wrong with the update than there are positives.

The big thing about these giant updates is that they happen annually, meaning once you get used to one version of Apple they go and change it all up. These constant updates are nothing but a hassle and having to learn a whole new way of using the phone takes time. In my situation, when I got my new phone I had to learn how to use IOS 10, and as soon as I figured it all out and got used to it, I had to upgrade it to IOS 11.

A large problem with IOS 11 that many people have reported is that their battery drains faster than usual once they upgrade their phone. While this isn’t entirely the fault of Apple, this isn’t an isolated incident and and who knows what other software problems might be out there for the masses.

I don’t know if it’s a large spread glitch or not but one thing I have found irritating is that the command center is either too hard to pull open or pulls open too easy. There would be times where I would be trying to increase my brightness when playing a game and I’d have to exit out of the game before I could pull it up. On the other hand it is easier to pull up when in my pocket. They also have moved the “cellular” button to the command center, so once I accidently turned cellular off, meaning I couldn’t receive texts or notifications and didn’t even know it because it was the first time that it had happened. If this is a widespread issue, Apple needs to deal with it and find a happy medium between the two ways of opening the command center.

Another annoying thing is that they have added the “Do Not Disturb” to include when you are driving. It puts your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode when you’re on the road. This is great … if you are the one actually driving. If you are simply riding in a car it automatically does this as well. While this is a feature that can be switched off, it is the default and I didn’t know it was a thing.

One of the biggest hassles with IOS 11 is the amount of space it takes to upgrade the phone. To download the upgrade it requires 2GB of space. With that much storage you could download a decent amount of apps. Plus, if you have had your phone for a while and have used up a lot of storage or a have a phone with less storage, you will have to make serious decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.

I know there are those of you out there that will say “Can’t have problems with IOS 11 if I never upgrade my phone to IOS 11.” The problem is that you might have automatic updates turned on and not know it, meaning that your phone will automatically update to IOS 11. The other thing is many apps eventually make you have a certain software update for them to work. So if you manage to hide from the update for as long as you can, you will eventually have to update it.

In conclusion, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. This goes for Apple’s constant updates. IOS 10 was by no means perfect, but IOS 11 makes me miss it everyday.