Christmas Gifts You Can Give When You’re Broke


Photo Courtesy of Game Informer

Are you a broke college student? Are your pockets consistently empty? Have you been eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past few months? If so, it is doubtful that you have the cash to invest in Christmas gifts for your family this year. I’m here to help you with that. Here’s a list of ten gifts that will cost absolutely no money to give,

1.The Gift of Friendship

Everyone knows that your friendship is valuable! Receiving the gift of your friendship is an honor and a privilege. You are a wonderful person to be around! You’re funny, creative, smart, and you always have a wide array of sarcastic remarks at your disposal. Who doesn’t want to be friends with you?

2.Bubble Wrap

You can easily acquire bubble wrap from your old packages that all of your school books came in. Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? It’s fun, it makes sounds, and it distracts you from the fact that you’re a failure who is going absolutely nowhere in life. Help your family members deal with stress by giving them a sheet of bubble wrap!

3.Your Trust

You’re a reserved person. Your trust is much like a glass vase, if it is broken, it will never be the same. You like your privacy, you tend to bottle everything up. So the gift of your trust is one of the best gifts that you can give! How lucky one must feel to be your confidant, your own human diary. The keeper of your secrets. Who doesn’t want to be your personal box that you keep all of your bottled up emotions in!

4. An IOU Note

I’m sure that the person you give this to will understand that you are not financially capable of buying them a gift at the moment. But hopefully, you’ll be able to buy them that gift that they wanted in the future! Sure an IOU isn’t exactly what they expected when they opened that intricately wrapped box, but hey, they have your word that they will be receiving something spectacular from you later on.

5. A Hug

What kind of heartless person doesn’t like hugs? A hug is warm and comforting and you know that you give the best hugs. A hug is always welcome, (unless it’s from that one weird uncle who always smells like moss and has taken a disturbing interest in you ever since you “became a woman”). Hugs make you feel safe and calm. Sometimes they make you feel like you’re suffocating, which is no different than how you feel every minute of every day!

6. Homemade coupons

These are probably one of the easiest and most personalized gifts that you can give someone. Everyone loves these! These coupons can include free homemade dinner, a free cleaning day, or laundry! These are especially popular among parents, so make sure you give yours their personalized coupons! You can add color to them, glitter, or leave them as blank as your father’s stare every time you come home to visit.

7. Alone time

Everyone loves alone time! And you admit, sometimes you can be a bit of a handful. You understand that people need a break from you sometimes. So one of the best gifts you can give them is time alone! Time for your friends to just relax and think about all of their regrets and past mistakes.

8. A Crisp High Five

Who doesn’t love a nice high five? They tell the receiver that they are doing well and that you are proud of them! Despite the massive disappointment that they feel when they realize that they haven’t reached the level of friend that grants them a hug, they’ll be grateful to know that you at least consider them an acquaintance.

9. A Massage

Massages are relaxing and stress relieving. They really help a person calm down. Of course, if you and your friend/family member can ignore the apparent awkwardness that comes with massaging the naked back of a person that you don’t have a romantic relationship with, this can be a great gift.

10. Your Presence

You understand that you are a wonderful person and that you bask anyone that experiences your presence with your golden glow. You really should start charging your friends at this point, you’re just such a treat to have around! Honestly, if it weren’t for your crippling social anxiety, you would be onstage and famous by now! This could be considered the best gift on this list.

                There you have it! The perfect list of 10 free gifts that cost you nothing to give. I hope this helps my fellow students find that perfect present for their loved ones!