In Defense of President-Elect Donald Trump

Chris Diver, News Editor

I know a lot of you are upset by the results of the election. Many were expecting to hear “Hillary Clinton elected to be the first female President of the United States” but instead watched as Donald Trump reached 270 electoral votes to become the 45th President of the United States. While many are upset, I am here as a supporter of Trump to say that things are not as bad as you might think. Electing Trump president is just the thing this country needs right now.

How is this a good thing you may ask? Well, if you look at Trump and Clinton as candidates you had one candidate who is a career politician and has been with the establishment for 30 years, and then you have a businessman who embraces the idea that you can do anything if you work hard.

Starting with Clinton, she may have had the political experience, but who is to say it is good experience? During her career she has been involved in scandal after scandal and has lost touch with the American people. Clinton also has taken large financial donations from many big banks in this country.

Trump, on the other hand is not a politician. He is a businessman. He has spent many years working with fellow Americans in the private sector. Because of this, Trump knows how everyday Americans live their lives. Trump also self-funded his campaign meaning he didn’t rely on lobbyists telling him how to run his campaign and eventually the country. Trump is also not part of the establishment, and this is a good thing.

By putting Trump in the White House, it shows that the American people are fed up with government intervention and want change. Trump being elected shows that people are sick of career politicians who have nothing else to do with their lives. By all statistical evidence, Trump should not have had a snowball’s chance against Clinton, but because he understands how American people truly live, he took the victory.

Also take a look at Trump’s life. For most of his life he has been one of the most famous men on the planet and he was a symbol of capitalism and the American Dream. He is a billionaire, and he could have a strong influence on people without getting involved with politics. In all reality, Trump didn’t even have to run for president and most of the world would still know the name “Donald J. Trump”. But he put his reputation, a lot of money and time on the line to become president. He knew the media would try and make him out to be some kind of monster, and he knew if he lost he would be the laughing stock of the world.

So I have to ask, if someone like Trump didn’t truly care about fixing this country, do you think he would’ve sacrificed so much for something that many think he would never achieve? If anything, Trump becoming president is the American Dream at its finest showing that anyone can achieve anything with hard work and sacrifice. Trump also has not only been attacked by the media and the Democrats, but his own party isn’t 100% behind him as there are still people who are #NeverTrump. This was more than a simple Democrats vs Republicans election. This election was a Washington D.C. and the political elite vs the common man election, and in the end the common man won.

Sure Trump has said some comments many consider to be “offensive,” but we all have. Nobody is perfect, and we have all said things we regret. We all have said things that others have taken offense to. If your biggest criticism of Trump is how he speaks, then maybe take a look at your own actions first and look at the actions of Clinton who has been on record referring to African-Americans as “super predators,” called Catholics’ beliefs “backwards” and called a little bit over half the country “deplorable.” While I am not defending some of the things Trump has said, having a President whose biggest sin is that he’s “offensive” is the least of our worries.

Trump isn’t even president yet, but what about when he is? Well, part of Trump’s economic plan is more tax cuts so that more businesses can be started. This is unlike Clinton whose plan is to raise taxes and government spending, and she won’t do anything about our current financial situation. Trump also has a plan that every time Congress wants to pass a new regulation they have to get rid of two existing regulations. This will not only help job creation but will also restore more personal freedoms to the American people.

Now I know some might be afraid of Trump’s policies, but our country has a system of checks and balances. If laws are going to get passed they go through Congress first to prevent any one person in the country from growing too powerful. Trump is no exception to the rule, and with a strong opposition from the political elite, many of Trump’s radical ideals would not pass. As far as foreign policy, Russia’s President Putin has stated that he hopes the United States and Russia can have good relations during Trump’s presidency. Having two of the most powerful countries on Earth on the same side might just prevent World War Three.

You still don’t have to like that Trump is now president, and that is your right as an American. You can still be mad at the results, but as a country we still have to move forward and come together.