In Defense of the Whopperrito


Chris Diver, News Editor

Recently, Burger King had announced that they are adding a new item to the menu: the Whopperrito. The Whopperrito is essentially Burger King’s signature Whopper and its toppings but instead of being put on a bun, it is cooked into a tortilla and is made to be a burrito instead of a burger. Since its release, the general public has not been on board with Burger King’s newest creation.

Many have taken to social media and food blogs on the Internet to share their opinions and they have not been positive for the most part. Many have criticized the Whopperrito in many different ways.  However, I will say that I don’t see why so many people have a strong dislike for the Whopperrito. After trying it out for myself, I actually found it to be a good idea on Burger King’s part as well as a good combination between two different types of foods.

While this creation is not all that special, it actually tastes good. Many online blogs have criticized the taste of it, but it tastes like a normal burrito except it has Burger King’s flame broiled taste to it. As a fan of Burger King and its signature taste, I didn’t find anything wrong with the taste. It actually tasted different from just simply eating a Taco Bell burrito which is what I thought that it would be like. It actually tasted more like a burger than a burrito which may sound weird to some but it actually tasted good.

When I first got it, I was expecting it to taste more like something from Taco Bell than  something from Burger King, but it turned out to be the opposite. If it did taste more like Taco Bell I could see where some criticism would’ve came from. But unlike my expectations, it had its own unique taste to it. While it was marketed as a burrito, it had more burger-like qualities to it than it does burrito qualities. For example, it has more burger-like toppings on it, such as pickles and ketchup as opposed to burrito toppings like salsa and shredded cheese. The way the meat is cooked is closer to the way a burger is cooked than the way a burrito is made. Due to the Whopperrito having more burger-like qualities to it, the experience of eating it was unique as it was unexpecting.

There are people who are not fans of Burger King and they may not enjoy the Whopperrito as much as I did. They aren’t used to unique taste of the Whopperrito due to enjoying the familiar taste of what a traditional burrito tastes like. In fact, many of the criticisms about the Whopperrito were largely about Burger King as a company and less about the Whopperrito itself. Although, there have been people who criticized the taste and the way it is cooked, but some of these criticisms were mainly about the quality of the Whopperrito based on   certain Burger King locations and not the restaurant chain as a whole.

So what is my final opinion on the Whopperrito? Well it mainly depends on your opinions towards Burger King and burritos. On the one hand  if you are a fan of Burger King or trying new things I would recommend the Whopperrito to you. However, if you are not a huge fan of Burger King, you have tried it before and disliked it, and you  have certain expectations when it comes to the taste of your burritos, then I can say that the Whopperrito doesn’t closely resemble the taste of a burrito enough for you to change your opinion on Burger King and it’s products.